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A return to normal service this week, as we take a look at  laser cutting cardboard with some tips and tricks along the way. 

There are a large number of applications that cardboard can be used…


All that glitters is not gold…..I’d rather have molybdenum anyway.

Welcome back to the Thinklaser Lightblade blog, I apologise its been a few weeks since we last posted. Lets kick back off with a more detailed look into the science behind the beam.


Before we crack on – this…


Mirror, Mirror, on the…….Lightblade.

In this week’s blog, we take a look at how to monitor the efficiency of your Lightblades mirrors, and demonstrate the importance of doing so.


We have mentioned in the past about…


Laser Feng Shui….kind of. The RDWorks Cutting Order

Imagine this – you spend hours creating a beautiful design for a customer or event. It’s a masterpiece.

You then set the machine up.



Focus, Focus, Focus!

When laser cutting, the focal point is critical in ensuring that the maximum amount of available energy produced by the tube reaches the work piece.

If you are “out of focus” then the machine will not cut as effectively, as…


How to maximise the life of your laser tube and reduce consumable costs


How does a laser work?

More importantly – how is a laser beam generated and what should you do to maximise the life of your laser tube?


In a glass tube CO2 laser’s the most expensive consumable item…


Low cost doesn’t have to mean cheap.

Cheap; a word often synonymous with nasty – probably not what you had in mind when looking for a new laser cutting and engraving system. In part two of our laser buying basics guide, we take a closer look at…


How to buy a laser cutter – shedding a little light on the process

There are a huge number of flatbed laser cutting systems available to users on the market now, but how do you separate the potential headaches and minefields from laser cutting nirvana? What laser source should I select, what power, what…

Mountain view with hikers

OneLife iD

Special Project

OneLife iD specialise in providing innovative, personal ID products that carry your choice of emergency, medical or contact information.  Wearing or carrying a OneLife iD ICE (in case of emergency) product ensures immediate identification,…

Image of safety glasses

Prolong the life of your Laser tube with these 8 simple tips

Laser systems are increasingly becoming a vital component of a modern workshop or production facility. One of the most cost effective routes to introduce laser technology into a business is via the Flatbed machines utilising glass C02 laser tubes.



Industrial Laser – What to Measure?

Deciding which metrics to use when you measure the impact of an industrial laser is a fundamental part of being able to assess the success and effectiveness of the tools you’re using. Without performance metrics, it’s difficult to use reliable…


ThinkLaser Partner with Russ from RDWorks Learning Lab

ThinkLaser have partnered with Russ from RDWorks, a YouTube videographer and laser machine enthusiast, to offer how-to videos and tutorials on ThinkLaser machines. Gareth, from ThinkLaser, introduces the video series and tells us how it all came about: