End-of-Life Support for Renishaw AM 125 Optical Components

Thinklasers Comprehensive Services In the dynamic field of additive manufacturing, the Renishaw AM 125 has been a stalwart for many businesses, celebrated for its precision and efficiency. However, as Renishaw has ceased supporting the AM 125, users face challenges in maintaining and repairing their systems. At Thinklaser, we understand the importance of keeping your Renishaw…


What is Laser Marking & How Marking Machines Work?

If you are unclear as to what is laser marking and how laser marking machines work, you’ve come to the right place. Laser Marking is a process used to create permanent marks on various materials using a focused beam of light. This technique can be used to add text, logos, barcodes, serial numbers, and other…


Laser Etching vs Laser Engraving: What Is the Difference?

When you are considering laser etching vs Laser engraving, you need to understand both processes and how they work with a variety of materials and applications. Once you have this knowledge, you can decide if you need to laser engrave or etc. Read on to find out more. Introduction to Laser Technology Lasers, an acronym…

How Much Does Laser Cutting Cost

How Much Does Laser Cutting Cost?

Laser cutting has become an indispensable tool in various industries, from manufacturing to crafting, thanks to its precision, versatility, and efficiency. However, one of the most common questions people have is, “How much does laser cutting cost?” The answer depends on several factors, which we’ll explore in this article. By understanding laser cutting and the…

How To Engrave Wood Using A Laser

How to Engrave Wood With a Laser: An Introduction

Laser engraving wood is an innovative technique that combines the precision of laser technology with the natural beauty of wood. In this article, we’ll learn the techniques of how to engrave wood using a laser cutting and engraving machine. In this process, we are using a laser to burn or engrave patterns, designs, or text…

Black Text Laser Engraved Onto Stainless Steel Laser Engraving Marking Machines

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Engraving Marking Machines: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Are you in the market for a laser engraving marking machine, but feeling overwhelmed by the options available? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the perfect machine for your business needs. Laser marking and engraving machines have become increasingly popular in a wide range…

Large Scale Cardboard 3D Profile Model

Project Time Laser Cutting Cardboard & Choosing the Correct Lens for the Job

LightbladeFlatbed product range

A return to normal service this week, as we take a look at  laser cutting cardboard with some tips and tricks along the way.  Laser Cutting Cardboard There are a large number of applications that cardboard can be used for; from presentation boxes to gaming landscapes and prototypes. So it’s a useful material to learn…

Laser Beam Modes

Laser Beam Modes – Looking at Differing Laser Beam Profiles

Welcome back to the Thinklaser Lightblade blog, I apologise its been a few weeks since we last posted. Lets kick back off with a more detailed look into the science behind the beam by looking at Laser Beam Modes. Before we crack on – this post is going to be a more detailed look at…

Mirrored Image Featuring Bruce Lee

Mirror, Mirror, on the…….Lightblade. Or Cleaning Flatbed Laser Machine Mirror

In this week’s blog, we take a look at how to monitor the efficiency of your Lightblades mirrors, and demonstrate the importance of cleaning flatbed laser machine mirror. We have mentioned in the past about the effect of dirt on the optics and the detriment to performance – but what does that actually look like…

Feng Shuai Garden

Laser Feng Shui….kind of. The RDWorks Cutting Order

Imagine this – you spend hours creating a beautiful design for a customer or event. It’s a masterpiece. You then set the machine up. Correct lens: Check. Correct power and speed settings in RDWorks: Check. You load your expensive, lovely material, and use ball bearings or bolts to space the material off the honeycomb and…

Laser Engraving Bitmap Images

Understanding Laser Focus, Focus, Focus!

Understanding Laser Focus When laser cutting, understanding laser focus is critical in ensuring that the maximum amount of available energy produced by the tube reaches the work piece. If you are “out of focus” then the machine will not cut as effectively, as you are lessening the effect of the beam on the part. A…

Laser Machine Consumables

How to maximise the life of your laser tube and reduce consumable costs

How does a laser work? More importantly – how is a laser beam generated and what should you do to maximise the life of your laser tube? In a glass tube CO2 laser’s the most expensive consumable item is the laser tube, these typically range from around £220.00 for a reputable 60W tube all the…