Open up a new world of engraving possibilities with the LightbladeDS.

Users can now engrave a wide range of metals in large format, with bed sizes up to 1600x1000mm. Cut and engrave non-metallic materials such as acrylic, woods, foams and rubbers on the same platform up to 15mm thick*.

As with all Lightblade laser cutting systems, our commitment to quality ensures that no machine leaves our facility until it has passed a rigorous 67 point inspection and is signed off against our ISO 9001 quality standards.

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Lightblade Dual Source Range

Lightblade Dual Source


The LightbladeDS sets new standards for mid to large format laser processing. Available in a range of bed sizes from 600x900mm to 1600x1000mm the Lightblade Dual Source laser systems contain both fibre and CO2 laser powers from 20-50W (fibre) and 60-80W (CO2).  

Open up the possibility to reduce the number of machines and software packages required to complete jobs, improving your efficiency and reducing cost in the process.

What is provided with every lightblade model?

We offer a number of packages to suit our user’s requirements. As standard, across the Lightblade range, all machines are supplied with:

  • Closed loop water chiller
  • Autofocus
  • Air assist cutting
  • Red dot laser pointer
  • Honeycomb bed
  • Lightburn Software
  • 6445 5” Ruida controller
  • Free UK delivery
  • UK install and training** Customer to position machine ahead of engineer attendance
  • Unlimited phone support during office hours.