Comprehensive Laser Services Support

Whether you have one part to mark or 100,000, Thinklaser provides complete support for your laser cutting needs. Our laser sub-contract services department will handle everything from basic cutting to turnkey project solutions, including material supply, processing, packaging, and shipping.

Thinklaser also offers laser engraving services on a wide range of materials, perfect for everything from corporate branding to personalised jewellery. We can laser engrave metals, plastics, rubbers, and woods, giving each item a unique and personal touch. Our laser personalisation services are available for both small and large products, and we also manage and deliver larger projects that require laser marking as part of the finished product.

For components designed for harsh environments, it’s crucial to retain information such as part numbers, serial numbers, and manufacturer details. Laser engraving, which removes the surface of the component, isn’t suitable for this application. Instead, use our laser marking services, a process which keeps the surface integrity intact. This allows the component to be easily sterilised or passivated to prevent corrosion. Laser marking is perfect for medical instruments and implants, as well as external aerospace and automotive components where preventing corrosion or contamination is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions In Sub-Contract Laser Services

How do you price a laser project?

Pricing a laser project involves considering various factors such as material costs, machine time, complexity of the design, labour costs, overheads, and desired profit margin. Typically, pricing is calculated based on the cost of materials, machine operating costs per hour, and any additional services required (like design work or finishing). It’s essential to factor in all costs and ensure the pricing reflects the value you provide to the customer.

What are laser cutting services?

Laser cutting services offer a technology that uses a high-powered laser beam to cut through materials such as metal, wood, plastic, fabric, and more. It offers precision cutting with minimal material wastage and can produce intricate designs with high accuracy. Laser cutting services provide businesses and individuals with the ability to create customised parts, signage, artwork, prototypes, and more, with speed and precision.

Is laser a good business?

Yes, laser-based businesses can be very profitable and sustainable. The versatility of laser technology allows for a wide range of applications across various industries, from manufacturing and engineering to arts and crafts. Laser businesses can offer services such as cutting, engraving, marking, welding, and more, catering to diverse customer needs. With the right equipment, expertise, marketing strategy, and customer service, a laser business can thrive in today’s market.

What do you need to start a laser business?

Starting a laser business requires several key components:

Laser equipment: Invest in high-quality laser machines suitable for your intended applications.
Workspace: Set up a dedicated workspace with proper ventilation and safety measures in place.
Training and expertise: Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to operate the laser equipment effectively and safely.
Business plan: Develop a solid business plan outlining your target market, services offered, pricing strategy, marketing approach, and financial projections.
Legal and regulatory compliance: Ensure compliance with local regulations, safety standards, and licensing requirements.
Marketing and branding: Establish a strong online presence, create marketing materials, and build relationships with potential customers through networking and outreach efforts. Add your own security marking for peace of mind.

What materials can be laser cut and engraved?

We can laser cut and engrave a wide variety of materials. For cutting, we typically work with non-metallic materials like acrylic, wood, and certain plastics. When it comes to engraving, our lasers can handle both non-metallic and metallic materials, including metals like stainless steel and aluminium, as well as materials like rubber, glass, and even leather. If you have a specific material in mind, just let us know—we’re happy to discuss your options!

How precise is laser cutting compared to other methods?

Laser cutting is incredibly precise, which is one of its biggest advantages over traditional cutting methods. Our lasers can cut with accuracy down to fractions of a millimetre, allowing for intricate designs and tight tolerances. This level of precision is particularly useful for projects that require detailed work or components that need to fit together perfectly. Plus, the laser cutting process results in clean edges, reducing the need for additional finishing work.

Can laser marking withstand harsh environments?

Laser marking is designed to be durable and can withstand harsh environments. Unlike mechanical engraving, which removes the surface layer, laser marking, with the correct settings, can alter the material’s surface without removing it but leaving a high contrast mark. This makes the marks extremely resistant to wear, corrosion, and high temperatures. It’s ideal for applications where the components will be exposed to challenging conditions, like medical instruments, aerospace parts, and automotive components. The marks remain clear and legible, ensuring critical information is preserved.

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Laser Cutting

High precision laser cutting of non-metallic materials

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Laser Engraving

Long last & flexible personalisation and branding of a wide range of products

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Laser Marking

Long lasting product traceability and identity ideal for Medical, Automotive & Aerospace Applications

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Outstanding track record in complex component delivery

18 years experience in ground up design and delivery of complex laser systems to blue chip customers globally has given us the know how to handle any application

Collaborative approach

Our team is committed to developing long term, high quality relationships with customers, this starts from the very first phone call.

An experienced and friendly team

Our team supports customers from initial design through to production

A total of 7 laser systems

Each of our lasers offers a range of applications to cover anylaser marking requirement.

Diverse industrial customer base

From Aerospace and Defense to Medical

In house design & manufacture

We can produce custom jigs and toolings to ensure accuracy & consistency on every component

Non metallic material cutting

Our in-house flatbed laser has a working area of up to 0.9m x 1.4m