Asset security marking and Co Branding:

Thinklasers Security Marking and Co Branding Services can quickly and permanently laser mark company assets such as phones and tablets to ensure traceability and security.

There are a range of security marking solutions available to companies today, from labels to forensic marking to ensure that assets can be returned if they are lost and found and prevent theft. However, labels can be easily removed and forensic marking requires specialist equipment to read the data.

Laser marking offers an effective solution; not only is the process quick and permanent, assets can be marked with a range of identification styles from bar codes to 2D matrices that can be easily read by another phone or tablet. Thinklaser’s laser systems allows a large number of assets to be quickly serialised and security tagged with high quality and permanent marking.

Thinklaser can take the process a step further with Co Branding of assets as part of the security marking to further promote your business.

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