Components that are designed for harsh environments need to retain information such as part number, serial number and manufacturer details. Laser engraving is not suitable for this application as the surface of the component is removed by the laser during engraving. 

With laser marking, the surface of the material remains intact - this means that the component can easily be made sterile or passivated to prevent corrosion. Laser marking is ideal for medical instruments and implants, external aerospace and automotive components where corrosion or contamination must be mitigated. 

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Medical laser marking application

Titanium implants must be completely sterile prior to use but retain product identification. Please see our medical industry case studies for more detail

Aerospace laser marking application

Aileron actuator knuckle – this component must retain its serial and part data for traceability reasons throughout service life. Salt spray de-icing in the winter would rapidly corrode any component that is not passivated prior to use. Please see our aerospace case studies page for more detail.