Laser Fume Extraction Systems


BOFA Laser Fume Extraction Systems

Purex Laser Fume Extraction Systems

Purex Fume Extractor Usage Guide

Independent filter monitoring

Know exactly which filter to change and when

DeepPleat - Duo Filters

Extended HEPA filter life thanks to innovative Pre-filter design

Fire Retardant Filters

The majority of filters are produced with fire retardant materials.

Auto-electronic flow control

System retains a consistent extraction rate even in the event of a blockage

Quick change Filters

Quick change labyrinth pre-filter for reduced machine downtime

On-board Graphic Display

System status and filter life displayed


OEM Filters and Accessories

BOFA and Purex fume extraction systems utilise a two stage design with a pre-filter and a HEPA filter.  The filters will fill up overtime with small particles and need to be replaced, this is heavily dependant upon application and use. 

Please make one of our team aware if the majority of your planned materials are plywood or MDF when selecting your fume extraction, as you will require a different style of filter to prolong consumable life. 

Thinklaser hold stock of both HEPA and Pre-Filters for all applications. We are also able to source connection hoses, scrubbing units and exterior cowls.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require replacement filters or consumable items or visit our ship for all your extraction requirements Laser Fume Extraction -Shop