Laser Beam Modes

Nd:YAG or Fibre Laser – Make Your Choice

Here at Thinklaser we often get asked by customers which is the best for marking, Nd:YAG or Fibre lasers and the answer in all but the most specific of applications is Fibre. Here’s why….. The YAG or Nd:YAG laser was introduced over 30 years and quickly became the workhorse of industry, originally lamp-pumped they evolved…

Laser Safety Products

Laser safety products

Laser safety products Laser safety products are an essential element of working with lasers in any environment. Thinklaser offer a comprehensive range of safety accessories aimed at protecting you, your employees and your environment. Products include: Laser Safety Barriers To aid the safe usage of laser based systems, Laser Safety Barriers can be used for…

Laser Beam Monitoring Tools

Laser Beam Monitoring Tools

Laser Beam Monitoring Tools View IT Wand Physical hand held IR detectors are another way to analyse a lasers beam quality. With its highly efficient laser sensitive material the View-IT Wand has the ability to visually show any anomalies in a laser beam. A green colour will be shown when a laser is emitted with…

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Laser Marking Explained

The term laser marking explained in a generic description is used to describe the broad range of surface changes (“the mark”) that can be achieved when the laser energy is applied to the very extensive range of materials used in industry today. The laser process generates visual contrast between the processed element and the background.…

Thinklaser Laser Optic Cleaning Kit

Optical Laser Cleaning Kits

Optical Laser Cleaning Kits Whether using lasers for business or as a hobby, the same lessons apply when maintaining and cleaning optics. The health of a laser beam can be compromised by things such as fingerprints, dirt, dust or small particles, resulting in costly replacements which could have been prevented. This guide will explore some…

How To Make A Laser

How to make a laser – the four basic elements

There are four key elements on ‘How to make a laser’ to get right when you make your own laser There are 4 main elements that are required to start the generation of light and make your own laser; the gain medium, the pumping energy, cavity reflections and the output coupler: The gain medium: To…

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Sign & Digital UK 2016

Imagination, ingenuity, integrity Thinklaser design and manufacture high performance laser engraving and laser marking systems aimed at industrial production environments. We also supply the Lightblade range of Laser engraving and laser cutting machines for non-metallic applications. A privately owned British company, established in 2000, we pride ourselves in being one of the country’s top laser…

Bespoke M-Series Laser Marking System

Bespoke laser chassis design for laser marking machines

It is important to understand the customer requirements when it comes to bespoke laser chassis design, particularly our M-Series and LightWriter marking machines And it’s the result of this understanding that affects how we design what goes into or onto that chassis. The design of our M-Series and LightWriter laser marking machine chassis was created to…

Thinklaser Retains Iso 9001

2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Following the customer satisfaction survey carried out in the middle of 2015, we are pleased to announce that the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. The results from the survey also allowed us to identify areas in which we have room for improvement. If you wish to view the results of the 2015 customer survey,…

Laser Cut Cigar Box Guitar

Essex charity gig giving away laser cut cigar box guitar

On the 4th of December a special gig is being held in aid of charity Help for Heroes, organised by “Just Play the Blues”. A provider of custom cigar box guitars handmade by Ian McDonald, he will be giving away Laser cut Cigar box Guitar instrument and engraved by Thinklaser’s Lightblade laser marking machine. The…

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Scary Halloween Laser Ghouls & Monsters.

It’s that time of year where the ghouls, ghosts and monsters start coming out to scare us all, and there is no difference within the engineering industry – Halloween Laser Ghouls & Monsters. We love getting creative at the best of times, so Halloween is a good excuse to get scarily creative whilst producing Halloween…

Laser Cutting Project

I needed somewhere to hide my sweets, so I built a house…with this Laser cutting project

At Thinklaser we like to experiment with different laser cutting projects and try out new concepts to enhance our design software and how we engineer our machines. To do this we continuously try to better our application and process with different projects and ideas. We learn something different about our approach to laser technology each time, even…