I needed somewhere to hide my sweets, so I built a house…

At Thinklaser we like to experiment and try out new concepts to enhance our design software and how we engineer our machines. To do this we continuously try to better our application and process with different…


The different stages of Laser marking manufactured parts

Here is a simple run through of the different stages of laser marking manufactured parts, of how it works, what you see and why we do each stage. What we put in to the computer to start with and…

6. Product branding for Dental instruments

Laser Marking Dental Equipment – The Process.

Dentistry Industry:

The Dental industry has a revenue worth £7 billion, as proven by IBISWorld’s Dental Practices market research report in June 2015 and has, over the past 50 years, developed a better understanding of…


Laser cutting card with ‘Spanish Doubloon’ treasure designs.

An exciting Client:

Sheena Bond is a Hampshire based ceramic designer maker, specialising in screen printing onto ceramic surfaces.

As an award winning member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, she recently joined The Sorting…


Laser etching a dissertation cover.

Desired effect:

We love getting involved with laser engraving, etching and cutting different materials as part of peoples projects. When people approach us with their desired laser requirements we use our expertise and knowledge of laser technology to enhance, develop…

Image of safety glasses

Protecting your eyes from Light Laser.

Using Light lasers:

Light lasers are used to mark, engrave and cut various materials to a very high precision, it can do this because the energy is focused to produce a small but powerful beam point. It is non-contact application where the light…


Laser Marking the Smallest Objects.

What engineering can do:

Engineering can bring about innovative ways to design and build machines and tools to do incredible things, in the case of Thinklaser, we have designed and…


Laser Engraving Vs. Embossing

The difference Embossing and Laser engraving can produce is small, but significant.

Here's the breakdown

Embossing is most commonly used on postage or stamps to produce a raised or recessed design. Although this popular process has been used since the early 19th century…


Bending the rules with laser marking

Although you can laser mark, engrave and cut a variety of materials, there are always some issues with a few of them. Through developing and experimenting with laser technology, we have been able to work around this with certain materials,…

laser engraved gold coin

Laser engraving a Gold plated coin

Our case study: 'The Engraved Gold Coin.'

At Thinklaser we believe experimenting with laser technology enhances the work we do for our clients and ourselves, as leading engineer’s intent on redefining laser engraving, marking and cutting. Essentially by continually working…

Thinklaser Launch Their New Range of Laser Cutting Machines – lightblade

We are very pleased to announce that we are launching our latest laser marking systems called lightblade. These flatbed laser cutting machines are ideal for use in educational organisations such as secondary schools, colleges, training colleges and universities. The flatbed…

image of laser marking

Major Recruitment drive at Thinklaser

As part of the company’s investments for their next financial year (November 2015 and beyond) Thinklaser can confirm that Gareth Lewis and Neel Ravat will join Carol Wilson to make up a new sales team. Gareth brings with him a…