M Series Machine

General Purpose laser marking & engraving systems

Versions: Nd:YAG | CO2

Models: Stand Alone | Custom handling | In-line |

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An Introduction to the M Series

ThinkLaser has helped organisations to realise the potential of laser technology, in manufacturing to improve operations, reduce costs, and adhere to regulations.

Below we explore our M Series Systems range, a laser marking and engraving machine ideal for non-metallic materials. The video below shows the M Series in action.


All our machines are customisable to your requirements. If you would like to see how ThinkLaser can help your business or organisation, please get in touch with us through our enquiry form.

Stand Alone

Photo of Thinklaser M series in line processing and marking machine

These Class 1 laser engraving machines, come to you as a totally engineered solution. Available as flash lamped Nd:YAG or CO2 configurations, this M series chassis design, provides a unique approach to meeting industrial marking requirements. These laser engraving systems, have evolved to be the optimum combination of performance and reliability, with flexibility. The laser machine is particularly aimed at high speed applications, requiring high peak energy performance, that cannot be achieved using fibre technology.

Datasheet (PDF)

Design and Construction

This M series chassis design, provides a unique approach to meeting industrial marking requirements.

The flexibility of the design, allows us to configure each chassis with a range of specifically created modules, that can be matched to each industrial laser marking and engraving application

  • Working enclosure size.
  • Process area size (available marking area).
  • Focal adjustment and spot size selection.
  • Z motion ( up to 200 mm stroke, control of which can be manual or automatic).
  • Rotary indexers for circumference marking.
  • Laser source is matched to your application.

All chassis configurations, are piped for extraction from the working enclosure, through to the services panel at the rear of the system.  Here there are connections for extraction compliance.  The image shows a modified chassis, with front and rear access doors.


M Series with air knife and vacuum table

Photo of the 250 watt CO2 M Series

In-line M series

The M series chassis is designed to allow in-line process integration. During manufacturing, the enclosure is replaced with a variety of mechanical interfaces and the marking head is rotated 180 degrees, so that it overhangs the control element of the main body.  The mechanical interface creates the Class 1 construction. These include lift plates and plunger shrouds.

M Series with front and rear access doors

Flexibility in Design

The rugged design and construction, means the M series laser engraving machine, can provide the following configurations:

  • Stand-alone operation
  • Stand-alone operation with semi or full automation capability
  • In line processing and operation

M series is usually fitted with much higher powered laser sources, ie. Nd:YAG 90-120 watts and CO2 150 – 300 watts.  These traditionally are water cooled and therefore the design includes on-board closed loop water cooling. All M Series have on-board computer facilities.

Image shows modified chassis with front and rear access doors.

Custom Machines

We have designed our standard chassis formats, to provide us with optimal flexibility, so that we can facilitate most applications within the chassis structure. There will always be exceptions to the rules, and here our design team have gained a reputation for creating cost effective innovative machines.


Our engineering group have developed a range of standard handling modules that sit within the M series chassis.

Totally engineered solution

This M Series laser engraving and marking machine comes to you as a totally engineered solution, and is quite unique in its approach to meeting industrial marking requirements.  See technical specifications for further and more comprehensive information. Alternatively call 01737 888524 and talk to one of our technical staff.