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Lightwriter dimensions Lightwriter laser machine

Part of the Lightwriter product group this compact, yet versatile Class 1 laser marking product, is brought to you by Thinklaser. Using today’s current laser fibre technology, these machines have evolved to provide an optimum combination of performance and reliability, with flexibility.

Datasheet (PDF)

Photo of Lightwriter desktop marking machine

A fully operational Class 1 system.

Fully integrated laser source and marking head.

Selectable laser source (Fibre, C02).

Small Z table.

Automated up and over door (optional).

Worksite safety enclosure.

Flexibility of Design

The flexibility of the design allows us to configure the chassis in two distinctive forms, –”stand alone” and “table top”.  All Lightwriter products operate from a single phase electrical supply, require no water cooling, and are all fully configured for connection to fume extraction, ensuring safety is paramount. The result –  true “plug & play” laser marking product.

Stand Alone

The Lightwriter stand-alone chassis, provides greater flexibility when it comes to semi and full automation within the marking capability.  Key features include, larger class 1 working enclosure, 150 mm Z motion (motorised) and larger processing area.

Because the chassis is bigger, the range of laser sources also increases – still utilising fibre technology, but with a higher output range.

Our engineering group, have developed a range of standard modules that sit within the chassis design in order to provide automation.

For stand-alone laser marking operation

Outside to inside feed systems, to Class 1 specifications.

3 axis part manipulation handling.

Z axis automatic control. Software selectable.

Dual laser source function.

Vison inspection.

Rotary indexing.

Photo of Lightwriter with automated handling

Chassis Configurations

All Lightwriter products are designed for Class 1 operation.  The working enclosures are all fitted opening doors that are interlocked for safety.  Viewing windows manufactured from safety acrylic are fitted for process observation.

All chassis configurations are piped for extraction, from the working enclosure, through to the services panel at the rear of the system. Here there are connections for extraction compliance.

This Lightwriter laser marking system comes to you as a totally engineered solution, and is quite unique in its approach to meeting industrial marking requirements. See technical specifications for further and more comprehensive information. Alternatively call 01737 888524 and talk to one of our technical staff.

Lightwriter CO2

Lightwriter CO2 marking system

These galvo based CO2 laser marking and engraving machines are common place in today’s industrial markets.  With low consumable levels and relatively low maintenance requirements, they are perfect tools whether used for an on-line coding requirement or stand-alone part marking. CO2 laser markers are generally used for marking and coding organic based materials such as wood, leather and glass, and are used for laser engraving plastics.  Metal coated processes such as anodised or painted components can also be processed at relatively high speed.  Base metal substrates can be marked, using higher powered units or by using interface coatings such as Thermark and Cermark.

As with all other Thinklaser products, the control software allows for the creation of text, logos, coding formats such as standard barcodes, ID matrix or QR codes. Importation of graphics is fast and relatively straight forward.

If production line integration is required, then we have a series of mechanical interfacing that allows for safe integration with the addition of marking on the fly for high speed application.

If you require larger area processing, then also see the Lightblade product range for other options.

Datasheet (PDF)