Laser cutting & engraving for non-metallic materials

Versions: CO2 only

Models: 300x400 | 400x600 | 600x900 | 1200x900 | 1400x900 |

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An Introduction to Lightblades

ThinkLaser has helped organisations to realise the potential of laser technology in manufacturing, to improve operations, reduce costs, and adhere to regulations.

Below we explore our Lightblade Systems range, a laser cutting and engraving machine, ideal for non-metallic materials. The video below shows two of our Lightblade Systems in action.


All our machines are customisable to your requirements. If you would like to see how ThinkLaser can help your business or organisation, whether through supplying machinery, or through a laser subcontracting service, please get in touch with us through our enquiry form.

Lightblade 3040

Photograph depicting the Lightblade machine.

This is the smallest of our Lightblade product group. This flexible, low cost machine, provides both cutting and engraving operations within its 400 x 300mm process area.

Datasheet (PDF)

Prices for Lightblade start as low as £4155.

We can offer a broad range of flexible system financing, leasing and lease rental options for our range of equipment. Find out more.

Flexibility of design

The Lightblade range combine high speed processing, with high beam placement accuracy, resulting in a quality product generation at economic rates. This versatile machine is available, as shown here, in a stand-alone configuration or can be provided in a desktop format. Both provide the same process capabilities.

The Lightblade 3040 is available with a selection of power outputs, to match your application requirements. All Lightblade machines are designed for non-metallic material processing.

Lightblade 3040 machine photo, with the machine lid open

Lightblade 4060

This is the mid-range standard chassis in our CO2 range. With a bed size of 400mm X 600mm, it has selectable laser sources from 40 to 60 watts. Dual table formats (blades and honeycomb) are standard features on this product, as is the 200 mm of Z table motion.

Datasheet (PDF)

Photo of a large Lightblade machine

Lightblade 6090

With a process area of 600 x 900 mm, the Lightblade 6090 is the most popular entry level machine for a large area processing.

A truly flexible machine, for cutting and engraving a wide range of materials. Standard features include, auto focus as well as dual focusing optics, providing dedicated process set up.

Datasheet (PDF)

Flexibility of design

Photo of the Lightblade 6090

With design development in the UK and manufacturing in China, we have overcome the negative elements that may concern you. The technical package provided with every one of our machines, originates in the UK, and is not matched by any other supplier.

“Low cost does not mean low quality or poor service” – that’s our commitment to you!

Lightblade 1290

Optimised to ensure efficient processing, the Lightblade 1290 provides cutting and or engraving, over a process area of 1200 x 900mm contained within a Class 1 environment.

This larger size chassis also facilitates larger output powers, taking you up to 150 watts.

Datasheet (PDF)

Lightblade 1290 machine photo

Flexibility of design

Lightblade 1290 machine photo

All previously mentioned features appear on all our machines. The supplied control software allows for both off-line and on-machine job creation and artwork importation, along with parameter set up and control. All models are supplied with closed loop water cooling, creating greater stability from the laser output. All Lightblade machines are designed for non-metallic material processing.

What about support?

It has never been in question. Thinklaser have supported and serviced its equipment for over 15 years and we have no intention of stopping now. The same level of support will be carried over onto our flatbed technology range.

More about Support

Photo of the Lightblade 6090

Lightblade 1490

The largest standard chassis in our CO2 range. Allows sheet formats up to 1400 x 900 mm and has selectable laser sources from 60 to 150 watts. Dual table formats (blades and honeycomb) are standard features on this product, as is the 250 mm of Z table motion.

Datasheet (PDF)

“Over and above just a machine supply.”

Who else will support you like this?

  • Closed loop water chiller supplied within machine cost
  • Air pump supplied within machine cost
  • 2nd focusing optic for dedicated operation
  • 2nd Tube included in cost of machine
  • 2 free days of on-site support
  • Level 1 spare parts kit included in machine price
  • Optics cleaning kit

This is what we supply with every Lightblade product as standard. Our commitment is more than a verbal promise!

Lightblade 1490 machine photo