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Advanced Engineering Polymers

Carbon PEEK Motorsport Components:

3D printed parts can reduce cost and lead time, especially in complex components where traditional subtractive manufacture can weaken part or may require several separate components to create an assembly that could otherwise be printed as a single piece. High performance engineering polymers add further desirability through mechanical performance that is comparative to metals at a fraction of the weight and improved chemical and insulative properties.

Ceramics & Metals

Space Suit Internal Valve:

DLP printing of ceramics is ideal for components that require complex geometries, high resolution surface finish and consistent material properties throughout. Perfect for complex investment casting cores or dental mouldings. DLP also offers the same benefits with metals, delivering components with complex internal geometries consistently & accurately.

Additive Manufacture Services We Carry Out

FFF printing in a wide range of polymers

Using the latest Fused Filament Fabrication from Roboze we can build parts in a wide range of polymers up to 300 x 350 x 200mm volume

High performance engineering polymers

High strength, low weight engineering super polymers including PEEK, Carbon reinforced PEEK, Ultem and carbon reinforced polyamide

Production flexibility

Our sub-contract service has been set up with efficient production flow in mind so we can effectively meet our customers requirements

In house CAD services

Our engineering team has a wealth of CAD experience and are on hand to help develop components to optimise print performance

Ceramics Expertise

Partnered with Formatec - we deliver bespoke ceramic components to a range of industries from precision investment casting to medical