Laser Machine Service near Horsham, West Sussex on a HPC LaserScript 1290 – Tanbridge House School

The visit to our customer, Tanbridge House School was for servicing flatbed laser markers and was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. He performed a standard service on a competitors machine, in this case a HPC LaserScript 1290 80 watt machine. The service included, but is not limited too:

  • Electrical Systems – Fit & Function
  • Safety Interlocks & Emergency – Fit & Function
  • Air Assist Pump – Function
  • Chiller Check – Fit & Function
  • Chiller drain, flush and water replacement
  • Bed Leveling check
  • Mirror Check & Clean
  • Lens Check & Clean
  • Alignment Check
  • Power Check @ Laser Tube & Laser Nozzle
  • Check overall machine function

HPC Laserscript 1290 – Service highlights

Laser Machine Service Near Horsham - Hpc 1290

After initial inspection of the machine it was noted that the mini air compressor was not functional and no air was coming from the nozzle. The power lead was traced and it was found to be plugged directly into the laser, it was noted that this had been switched off, switched back on and the compressor was working.

The laser alignment was checked and was found that on mirror 2 the locking nuts had become loose which had most likely moved the mirror out of position. A full beam alignment was completed for the machine and the power was measured from the nozzle, 62w @85% (M/C had no Milliamp meter).

The mirrors and lens were inspected for damage or contamination. Mirror 3 and the lens were heavily contaminated. The mirror, lens and nozzle were cleaned. After the cleaning the laser power was re-measured at the output to the nozzle and was now producing 86w @85% power. The customer ran some test jobs and was

Some training on basic laser cutter maintenance procedures was carried out with the technical team at Tanbridge House School

Laser Machine Service Near Horsham - Hpc 1290
Laser Machine Service Near Horsham - Hpc 1290

Any of the consumable items mentioned above, Lens, Mirrors, Laser tubes, Power supplies are all available and can be bought separately in our online shop.

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