Laser Machine Service near Baldock, on a Thinklaser Lightblade 6090 80W – Angle & Squint

The visit to our customer The Angle and Squint Company was for a service of their Thinklaser Lightblade 6090 80 watt flatbed laser marker. This service was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. The laser marker service visit includes: –

Thinklaser Lightblade 6090 80 watt

  • Inspect, Clean and Lubricate all Linear/Guide Rails
  • Mirror Inspection & Clean
  • Lens Inspection & Clean
  • Auto Focus Pen Inspection & Clean
  • Honey Comb Bed Inspection & Leveling
  • Electronics Inspection
  • Safety Interlocks Inspection & Test
  • Water Cooling Chiller Inspection, Clean, Drain & Refill
  • Full Laser Alignment Check
  • Laser Tube Health Check
  • Power Check @ Laser Tube & Laser Nozzle
  • Check overall machine function by Test Cutting Customer Materials
Laser Machine Service Near Baldock - Door Closed
Laser Machine Service Near Baldock - Door Open

The engineer arrived on site and commenced the laser machine service and replacement of the auto focus pen. With the machine being in a brick making workshop the machine was inevitably dirty on the outside as well as the inside, this had jammed the autofocus nib in the pen. The main thread of the housing was also broken. The autofocus pen was able to repaired with some spare parts, so no new pen was required.

After the repair of the focus pen the remainder of the machine service was carried out. Again due to the dusty environment there were a few blemishes on the mirrors, this was cleaned easily with IPA & Acetone. The main focus lens was also removed and cleaned. The bed level check showed that the bed required adjusting as the left side of the bed was 3mm down and the front right side was also down by 1mm. The bed was adjusted to be level and secured in place.

After a slight re-alignment of the laser the power from the nozzle was shown to measure 78.1w @85% 25mA.

Some of The Angle and Squint Company‘s jobs were run on the machine as a final test and the customer was happy with the outcome.

Any of the consumable items mentioned above, Lens, Mirrors, Laser tubes, Power supplies are all available and can be bought separately in our online shop.

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