Laser Machine Repair on Canvey Island to investigate no laser power, on an OMTech Max750 80W – Grand Style Balloons

The visit to our customer Grand Style Balloons was for a repair of their OMTech Max 750 80 watt flatbed laser marker. The reported issue was that the laser was producing no laser power and that the red-pointer had stopped working. This repair was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. The laser repair was conducted over two separate dates, the reasons for this will be presented below : –

OMTech Max 750 80 watt – First Visit

The first visit was to conduct the investigation into the laser not producing any laser power. The machine was checked over and within the laser tube a large air bubble was observed. The machines supplied chiller was no more than a water pump held within a bucket of water. The unit was powered on to start the testing. However the pump was not able to dislodge the air bubble.

All the pipes were checked for kinks and straightened if necessary, the tube was drained and pipes re-checked for any blockages. The pump was turned back on, but was still unable to remove the air bubbles from the tube. This causes a major problem, as the area where the air bubble is located is not getting sufficiently cooled and due to the variation in the cooling temperture gradient, this is highly likely to crack the glass tube and result is the symptom of no laser power from the tube. It was recommended to install a CW 3000 chiller unit. The customer bought the CW 3000 chiller and Gavin returned on his second visit.

Laser Machine Repair On Canvey Island

OMTech Max 750 80 watt – Second Visit

The second visit was to replace the supplied water pump in a bucket cooling circuit with a standard chiller unit, a CW 3000. The laser machine was drained and the CW 3000 installed. The unit was powered on and was immediately able to clear any and all air bubbles. So the proper investigation of the ‘no laser power’ could now be started. The laser was test fired but with no output beam, the Laser PSU was checked and confirmed to be working correctly.

There was an audible ‘crackling’ noise coming from the laser. The laser tube was removed and inspected and as discussed above a crack was found at the end of the laser tube. A new Reci W2 Laser Tube was fitted and the machine was now working. The alignment was adjusted for the new tube and the laser power was measured from the nozzle. The power measured 78.8 watts @25mA 70% power. As part of the original repair the old red pointer was removed and a new red pointer was installed. The remaining checks of a standard service were carried out on the machine:-

  • Inspect, Clean and Lubricate all Linear/Guide Rails
  • Mirror Inspection & Clean
  • Lens Inspection & Clean
  • Check overall machine function by Test Cutting Customer Materials

Upon testing the OMTech Max 750 machine, it was seen that there were small ‘comet trails’ coming from some of the cuts. The system was checked and was setup to run with air assist via the controller. The air flow was tested coming from the internal air compressor, minimal air flow was measured. It was recommended to the customer to purchase an external mini air compressor.

Continuing the testing of the machine it was also seen that alot of smoke would fill the chamber and take a significant time to disperse using the inline fan was not being as effected as it could be, this may result in the lens, mirrors and laser tube becoming contaminated with debris and residue. Recommendations of either a large inline fan or a Laser Fume Extraction System.

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