Laser Machine Repair near Walthamstow, London on a Lightbade 6090 80W – Nihal Shah

The visit to Nihal Shah, our customer, was for an investigation of no laser power as discussed with the customer prior to the repair visit for his flatbed laser marker. This was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. Following the repair he performed a standard service on the Lightblade 6090, the laser service investigation included: –

Lightblade 6090

Laser Machine Repair Near Walthamstow
Laser Machine Repair Near Walthamstow

The engineer arrived on site and checked the machine visually. The customer uses the machine to laser cut and laser engrave MDF board so the machine was very dirty/dusty.

Laser Repair Near Walthamstow

All laser tube connections and laser PSU connections were inspected for dirt ingress and possible damage to the connections. All these connections looked to be suitably devoid of damage. Testing of the laser was then conducted. The laser was pulsed using the Ruida Controller and no power was observed from the laser or the onboard milliamp meter. The PSU was checked for functionality and was responding as expected. A new Reci W2 laser tube, was installed.

Laser Repair Near Walthamstow

The new laser tube was pulsed and shown to be functioning as expected. A full laser alignment was carried out and the laser power was measured at the nozzle.

Following on from the successful repair the machine was given a general clean of the internal chassis

All fan filters, electrical compartments, belts, and linear rails were cleaned and lubrication applied to the linear rails and belt gears.

The Laser bed was adjusted and levelled across the entire machine.

All the laser mirrors and the main lens was checked and cleaned. Following the cleaning the measured laser power from the nozzle was 76.9w @78% 25mA

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