Laser Machine Repair near Surbiton reporting that the laser would not turn on, on a Boxford 6090 80W – Southborough High School

The visit to Southborough High School, our customer, was for a repair of their Boxford 6090 80 watt flatbed laser marker. The reported issue was that the laser would not switch on. This was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. The laser repair also included some service investigations which includes: –

Boxford 6090 80 watt

  • Inspect, Clean and Lubricate all Linear/Guide Rails
  • Mirror Inspection & Clean
  • Lens Inspection & Clean
  • Full Laser Alignment Check
  • Laser Tube Health Check
  • Power Check @ Laser Tube & Laser Nozzle
  • Check overall machine function by Test Cutting Customer Materials
Laser Machine Repair Near Surbiton
Laser Machine Repair Near Surbiton

The engineer arrived on site and started the investigation into the faulty machine. Mains input was checked and was supplying correct voltage. Fuses were checked and although one needed replacing, the machine was still not powering up. The safety power supply unit was checked and found to be faulty, the faulty PSU was removed and replaced with a Meanwell 24v PSU. The laser machine was now functioning correctly.

Once the fault had been repaired the service work started. The rear laser door had a broken handle. This was replaced. All mirrors and the 2.5 inch lens was cleaned. An unremovable mark was in the middle of the 2.5 inch lens.

Laser Machine Repair Near Surbiton
Laser Machine Repair Near Surbiton

The laser power was checked at the output of the nozzle and it was measuring at 70 watts @85%. A replacement 2.5 inch lens was fitted and the laser power was tested again. The power measurement was now 82 watts @85% power.

The chiller unit was drained and refreshed with more distilled water.

Southborough High School were offered some maintenance training on the machine which they greatfully accepted. Some final test were run on the machine and all was shown to be working.

Southborough High School were so happy with the service that they left a Google Review

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