Laser Machine Repair near Horsham, West Sussex on a HPC LaserScript 1290 – Tanbridge House School

A return visit to our customer, Tanbridge High School was for investigating the customer report of the laser not firing on their laser marker and was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. The , previous visit was to service the customers machine and for information can be found here Tanbridge Service Visit.

HPC Laserscript 1290 – Laser not firing investigation and repair

After initial inspection of the machine. The laser tube, it’s connections and the laser PSU (Power Supply Unit) were checked. The machine was test fired into the laser sensitive target. There was no laser detected at this point in the system.

There are several avenues to which could be causing this issue. The first one was to inspect the machines safety system for any fault which would not allow the laser PSU to fire. The interlocks on this machine are the only interlocks available, there are magnetic reed switches in place. These are not recommended for incorporating in critical safety systems as they can be easily defeated by anything magnetic. The safety circuitry was intentionally looped out on the PSU to discount the safety circuit as a potential issue. Upon finishing this temporary re-wire the laser was re-tested at mirror one.

Laser Machine Service Near Horsham - Hpc 1290
Laser Machine Repair Near Horsham

The laser produced a mark on the laser receptive material. The laser PSU was re-wired as per normal operation and the test run again. This time the unit fired the laser. It was surmised that there had been a connection issue at the PSU terminal. The system was checked for alignment prior to testing laser the power at the nozzle. The unit required re-aligning. The laser power was measured out of the nozzle and was measured at 76W @85% power (M/C had no Milliamp meter).

The customer ran a number of test jobs on the machine and all tested out ok. With this machine being of a certain age and potential problems with finding spare parts, it was discussed about the potential for a new machine, and we were delighted to quote Tanbridge House School for a new Lightblade laser marker.

Laser Machine Service Near Horsham - Hpc 1290
Laser Machine Service Near Horsham - Hpc 1290

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