Laser Machine Repair near Crawley on a Boxford 1390 130W – Omega Services Ltd

The visit to Omega Services, our customer, was for a repair of the X-Axis linear bearing block on their Boxford 1390 130 watt flatbed laser marker. This was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. The laser repair also some service investigations which included: –

Boxford 1390 130 watt

  • Inspect, Clean and Lubricate all Linear/Guide Rails
  • Mirror Inspection & Clean
  • Lens Inspection & Clean
  • Full Laser Alignment Check
  • Laser Tube Health Check
  • Power Check @ Laser Tube & Laser Nozzle
  • Check overall machine function by Test Cutting Customer Materials
Laser Machine Repair Near Crawley
Laser Machine Repair Near Crawley

The engineer arrived on site and fitted the new linear bearing block onto the X-Axis gantry and the customer was cutting PVC which had caused the X gantry to seize.

The laser power was checked at the output of the nozzle at it was showing to be low giving 45 watts @85%. The 2nd hand tube was originally fitted in 2022 and was producing 94w @85% power.

The beam alignment was checked and was found to be slightly misaligned and some scratches were found on the surface of the main lens. After cleaning and realignment of the laser, the laser power from the nozzle was 85w @85%.

As part of their system Omega Services has a fume Extractor unit. There was a strong smell of acrylic coming from the extractor, so the customer was advised that the both filters were nearing their end of life, and were recommended that they would need to be changed shortly.

Any of the consumable items mentioned above, Lens, Mirrors, Laser tubes, Power supplies are all available and can be bought separately in our online shop.

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