Laser Machine Repair near Christchurch, Dorset on a HPC LaserScript 6040 & Universal V-460 Flatbed Laser with reports of Low Power and Poor cut quality – Highcliffe School

The visit to our customer, Highcliffe School was for an investigation of low power and poor cut quality as discussed with the customer prior to the visit servicing flatbed laser markers. This was conducted by our service engineer ‘Gavin Edwards’. He performed a standard service on some competitors machines, in this case a LaserScript 6040 60 watt machine and a Universal V-460 machine, the laser service investigation included: –

Universal V-460 Not Cutting Issue

Laser Machine Repair Near Christchurch - Universal
Laser Machine Service Near Christchurch- Universal V-460

On arriving at the customer’s site the Customer had said that it would not cut and when it did they had to change some of the power settings.

Following this the Universal V-460 machine was visually inspected, this revealed that the honeycomb bed was heavily contaminated with wood residue and could potentially be a fire risk.

This machine had two magnet switches for the interlocks, which is not necessarily as safe as a keyed interlock safety system.

The bed was checked and a difference was found on the right hand side which we was able to rectified by adding washers to the feet of that honeycomb section to raise it.

The power was checked at the output from the main lens and was measured at 40w which is low. A test cut was run on the laser.

Due to the age of the machine, we would recommend replacing the complete laser machine. As the cost to replace the laser alone would be near to the cost of a Lightblade machine, it was also pointed out to the customer that if they did pay the expense of replacing the laser it is possible that at any time that the laser power supply could fail also and these are now obsolete and not available anymore.

HPC Laser LaserScipt 4060 – Low power and poor cut quality

Laser Machine Service Near Christchurch - Hpc 4060
Laser Machine Service Near Christchurch - Hpc Laser

The customer reported that the machine was low on power and the cut quality was poor and thought that the beam was hitting the nozzle cone of the laser head.

The machine was visually checked, the laser tube that was installed was dated May 2014. There was discolouration at the output end of the laser tube and this showed that the laser tube had been “overdriven”. This would be down to the machine not having a milliamp meter to monitor the output of the power from the laser power supply. There was no visible energising of the centre gas chamber on the laser tube which could mean that the CO2 gas within the laser tube is depleting, resulting in loss of available power.

There was only one interlock on the machine which was a magnet sensor and located on the lid. The correct type of interlock should be a keyed interlock.

As a result of the customer report about the machine the beam alignment was checked, the laser was not aligned to the output nozzle which was the cause of the customers issue. The power was measured off mirror 3 @80% and was reading 54w. Reattaching the lens tube and nozzle assembly, the power now was measured at 23w. The lens inside the nozzle was checked and found that the protective coating on the lens was damaged. A new 2” lens was used to replace the damaged lens.

The mirrors and nozzle cone were cleaned. A full laser alignment of the machine was carried out. The power was measured from the nozzle after the realignment and the machine’s laser power was now reading 56W @ 80% power.

The chiller unit was investigated and was found to have particles inside, this is down to the poor design of the chiller having a clear lid and fungi being able to grow inside the closed loop system. The unit was drained and the reservoir cleaned, the unit was then refilled with the customers distilled water.

Highcliffe School tested the machine with some of the processing jobs.

At this current point in time, the laser tube seems to be ok, but due to the age, the gases will have started to break down and deplete and so was recommended to potential get a spare laser tube.

Any of the consumable items mentioned above, Lens, Mirrors, Laser tubes, Power supplies are all available and can be bought separately in our online shop.

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