Marking and engraving subcontract services

Our continuous investment in people, equipment and facilities ensures a prompt efficient response to all your laser processing needs.

Running parallel to our machine building programme, we offer a comprehensive range of laser marking and laser engraving services, to a wide selection of industries and market sectors.

Our facilities, in Surrey, are equipped with a range of laser marking equipment capable of marking most materials that is used in industry today. Each of the machines is able to offer permanent marking to flat product, cylindrical components or those with irregular surfaces.

If you would like to see how ThinkLaser can help your business or organisation, please get in touch with us through our enquiry form.


A cost effective, repeatable process

For products that require individual part identification, branding or traceability information, laser marking can be a cost effective alternative to more traditional methods such as stamping, etching or mechanical engraving.

Laser marking removes the day to day variations, that can normally occur when using chemicals and inks and replaces them with a well-defined, repeatable, high-quality permanent mark at an affordable cost level; ideal for the demanding nature of today’s manufacturing. Laser engraving is an effective method of removing material from the surface of a product to leave a permanent, physical mark.



Quick and efficient processing
– No process impact to materials
– No clamping of materials
– No fluids or chemicals used
– Very fast set up providing cost effective process time
– Intricate marking and engraving machine capability

How do we charge?

– Our charges are based on an hourly rate
– No set up fees
– Minimum order charge of £30
– Very fast turnaround times quoted at time of enquiry
– World-wide shipping

Our Marking and Engraving Systems in Action

Below we explore our Lightblade Systems range, a laser cutting and engraving machine. The video below shows two of our Lightblade Systems in action.



Come and work with us

Our experienced team will advise you on the most cost effective and economical solutions to your marking and engraving requirements. Our continuous investment in people, equipment and facilities, ensures a prompt efficient response to all your laser processing needs.

If you would like to see how ThinkLaser can help your business or organisation, please get in touch with us through our enquiry form.


So how do you get started with a laser marking and laser engraving service?

Find out how

Tell us what you need to achieve, and ensure you tell us:-

– What you need to mark (CAD/CAM drawings are always good to have, artwork is best supplied in a vector based format).
– What materials you will use for your components? (include any information about coatings where applicable).
– How many will you need to mark? (Estimate batch size if you can, it will help in generating a more accurate response to prices and delivery).
– Will you require first off samples to evaluate?
– When will you need them back?


We will respond by giving you:-

A per unit cost to laser mark your parts (all pricing is based on a machine hourly rate and will include any specialist tooling).

A heads up on any options you have regarding the material process (we may suggest changes to your marking in order to enhance the results or to provide a more cost effective solution).

Any potential pitfalls with the type of application you have.

Simple and straight forward advice on the application (the best economical method for the laser marking process).

How long the job will take (delivery times as well as delivery methods).

You Decide

If you are happy with samples, price and delivery times we have quoted, then you place an order.

You send us your parts, and know that you will be looked after, as if we were doing the job for ourselves.


Laser marking and engraving are generic terms used to describe a method of leaving a mark on an object.  Marking tends to cover low level surface changes which include chemical or molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation as examples. Engraving tends to describe the more aggressive results of deeper marking.


Call now, and talk to one of our engineering group about your requirements.