What Does your Product – Part – Component need

  • Identification for Traceability
  • 1D or 2D Symbologies (barcode – ID matrix codes) for data capture
  • Date coding and or serialisation for batch control
  • Or simply product branding

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A quality finish for your product

The process of laser marking component parts, has become an established finishing process for many industrial sectors, overcoming many of the issues created by more traditional contact marking methods. For over 15 years, Thinklaser has provided individuals and industries alike with cost effective, high quality, on-time, subcontract laser marking and engraving services.

Laser marking of ABS button used on phone system.

Marking and Engraving

Our subcontract department employ a selection of laser marking and engraving machines, allowing the processing of a wide variety of metallic, non-metallic and organic materials. Whether your requirement is for surface marking or deep engraving, laser technology can provide a cost effective alternative solution for you. Talk to a specialist on 01737 88730.

Laser marking of ABS button used on phone system.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

The addition of high powered CO2 flatbed technology, to the subcontract department now means the availability of laser cutting and engraving services for non-metallic materials, with the ability to process material sizes, in sheet format, up to 1400 x 900 mm.

By using laser technology as a creative tool, we are able to support non-industrial applications such as:

  • Architecture and model making – cutting and engraving such materials as finn board, grey board, card, plywood plastics and much more.
  • Textiles and fashion – Cutting and engraving manmade materials through to natural materials such as leather.
  • Packaging – Cutting and engraving foam inserts for product placement.
  • Furniture design.
  • Glass engraving.
  • Sign makers and display makers.
  • Paper and card cutting, as well as engraving.
  • Woodworking – cutting, engraving, marquetry.

Additional Production Support

We currently provide some of our customers with other production activities such as material supply, product sub assembly and QC.

How to get started with our subcontract services?

Your team, at Thinklaser are committed to putting you, the customer, first. Their aim is to always exceed your expectations with their technical expertise, on time delivery and consistent results. We want to help you make the most of our laser engraving service, and we’re happy to produce samples for you to inspect before you place an order. Come and talk to our experienced staff on how the process can work for you. Give your products the best finish with quality industrial marking, engraving and cutting from Thinklaser.

  • Find out how

    Tell us what you need to achieve, and ensure you tell us:-

    What you need to mark (CAD/CAM drawings are always good to have, artwork is best supplied in a vector based format).
    What materials you will use for your components? (include any information about coatings where applicable).
    How many will you need to mark? (Estimate batch size if you can, it will help in generating a more accurate response to prices and delivery).
    Will you require first off samples to evaluate?
    When will you need them back?

    We will respond by giving you:-

    A per unit cost to laser mark your parts (all pricing is based on a machine hourly rate and will include any specialist tooling).
    A heads up on any options you have regarding the material process (we may suggest changes to your marking in order to enhance the results or provide a more cost effective solution).
    Any potential pitfalls with the type of application you have.
    Simple and straight forward advice on the application (how to get the best economical process from the laser marking).
    How long the job will take (delivery times and delivery methods).

    You Decide

    If you are happy with samples, price and delivery times we have quoted, then you can place an order for your laser services and send us your parts, with the knowledge that you will be looked after as if we were doing the job for ourselves.