Purex 1500i Main Filter for Lasers – Hepa Twin Chemical (PN: 110614)


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HEPA/Twin chemical filters effectively filter particles as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.997% efficiency rate. They also absorb a broad range of gases and vapours, especially those emitted during rubber engraving or acidic gas applications.

For laser applications, we always recommend the Purex Main Filter Hepa Twin Chemical variant as they offer greater protection across a wide variety of applications.

Supplied as a single slide in unit compatible with the Purex 1500 and 2000 iFume systems. 

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This Purex 1500i main filter includes a Hepa filter and twin chemical filters, is an essential component for laser systems, ensuring efficient filtration and protection against harmful contaminants.

It is also suitable for:
• PUREX 1500 Fume Extraction System
• PUREX 1500i Fume Extraction System

• PUREX 2000 Fume Extraction System
• PUREX 2000i Fume Extraction System


Key Features of the Main Filters:

Purex employs unique combinations of filter media in the Purex 1500 Replacement main filters. These are designed to capture particles, gases, and vapours produced during processes like laser engraving, laser marking, and inkjet printing. Each filter is assigned a distinct serial number and undergoes individual testing and certification to guarantee both performance and safety.

  • Purex HEPA filter elements undergo precise manufacturing using pleated material, which includes reinforcing strips. These strips serve to separate the pleats and prevent any airflow vibration or collapse.
  • Furthermore, air equalization plates are positioned between the media layers to enhance the strength of the filter housing and evenly distribute airflow throughout the filter. This ensures optimal utilization of all filter media.
  • HEPA/Chemical filters effectively filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.997% efficiency rate, while also absorbing a diverse range of gases and vapours.

Download the Purex 1500i Main Filter Hepa Twin Chemical (Part Number: 110614) product specification brochure here! 

Download the Purex Main Filter catalogue page here!

Shipping Dimensions:

Product Height: 26cm

Product Length: 51.5cm

Product Width: 61cm

Filter Weight: 11kg

Additional information

Weight22 kg
Dimensions65 × 56 × 300 cm

We can deliver to all parts of the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland. All Purex Laser Fume Replacement Filters are built to order to ensure optimum performance. The average lead time on any Purex replacement filter is typically 1 – 2 weeks.

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