FluxCare: Your Flux Laser Maintenance & Repair Program (On-Site Service)


On-Site Service (OSS) Support 

Keep your laser machine in optimum condition for long-lasting and reliable productivity. 

One of our experienced engineers will visit your premises and carry out a Flux Laser Maintenance service or repair as required.

Our FluxCare Program offers peace of mind for your Flux Laser system. Whether it’s the Flux Beamo, Beambox or Hexa, we’ve got you covered. Planned Flux laser maintenance or fast turnaround Flux Laser Repairs will reduce your downtime, increase productivity as your system is running at optimal performance and minimise customer dissatisfaction. 


Why you need FluxCare for your Flux Laser Machine.

Flux Laser Repair - Beamo Laser Head And Mirror

Thinklaser’s FluxCare program for all your Flux Laser Maintenance and Repair requirements is the ideal way to keep your Flux Beamo, Beambox, Beambox Pro and Hexa laser systems in tip-top condition and minimise machine downtime. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable Service Support team will perform a full preventative maintenance as recommended for an annual service.  Your lasers optical path (mirrors and lenses) will be checked, cleaned and aligned for optimum performance. If any components have experienced any significant deterioration meaning they are unlikely to last a further 12 months, we will recommend replacement. 

Known wear items and consumables will be replaced and you will be advised of any Flux Service Alerts that may affect your laser system.

Laser power output will be checked and you will be advised if you should consider replacing your laser tube.

If there is a requirement for replacement parts to be fitted which are not included in the standard package, we will ask for your acceptance before proceeding as there will be an additional charge for these items.  

Flexible Service & Maintenance Options for Your Flux Laser System

On-Site Support (OSS)

This option is based on our engineer visiting your premises and carrying out the Flux laser Maintenance / service / repair on-site.  Ideal if machine down time is critical. We would require a minimum 2 hour window for a typical Flux  Maintenance visit. 

If your Flux Beamo / Beambox / Beambox Pro / Hexa Laser system is in for repair, we will also carry out a full  Maintenance Service to minimise the risk of future failures.

We’ve tried to make costs as straightforward as possible, as our engineer visits your site to carry out the work your location with respect to one of our service hubs is vital. So we would suggest you give us a call and we can advise which service support function is the best for you. 

Tier 1 – Up to 1 hour travel distance

Tier 2 – Between 1 and 2 hours travel distance

Tier 3 – Between 2 and 3 hours travel distance

Tier 4 – 3 hours plus travel distance (P.O.A.)

Return To Base (RTB)

This option is based on returning your Flux Laser System to our workshop based in Redhill, Surrey, just 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport. Here we will carry out a full annual  Maintenance Service and make any repairs as necessary. 

Flux Laser Repair - Hexa Autofocus Controls

You are free to drop off your Laser system for it’s Maintenance, service or repair check-up and we will inform you when it’s ready for pickup. If you live further afield, we can arrange for a courier to pick up your Flux Beamo / Beambox / Beambox Pro / Hexa. We recommend you use the optional Pallet and Wrap service even if you still have your original packaging. 

Your Flux Laser System will be then be fully serviced / repaired and returned by courier. 

Visit HERE to book your Return To Base (RTB)On-site Service / Repair visit.

Annual Support

Why not set up an annual service contract with us for your Flux Laser Maintenance check-up? We’ll contact you a month before it’s due to arrange a suitable date for the service.

Don’t forget: Preventation is better than Cure! Preventative maintenance on your laser system will save you time, effort and money in the long term! 



Fluxcare Beamo Maintenance And Repair Program

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