Flux BeamBox Laser Cutter & Engraver


The FLUX Beambox and Beambox Pro are powerful and compact 40W / 50W CO2 desktop laser cutters that can cut and engrave a variety of materials. With their easy-to-use design, intuitive controls and features, you can effortlessly bring your creative ideas to life! Ideal for classrooms, crafters, designers, and small businesses.


 Cutting Performance
MaterialBeamboxBeambox ProEngraving
Wood including Ply & MDF 5mm thick 8mm thick

Acrylic 5mm thick 8mm thick

Leather 4mm thick 6mm thick

Cardboard 7mm thick 10mm thick

Felt 10mm thick 12mm thick

Laser Safe Rubber Sheet

5mm thick

8mm thick


5mm thick

8mm thick

Non-PVC Based Fabrics




Glass XX

Stone  XX

Marble XX

Anodised Aluminium XX



Flux BeamBox Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

The Flux Beambox and Flux Beambox Pro Laser Cutters showcase a powerful 40 or 50 watt CO2 laser source, that can cut and engrave on organic materials and even mark anodised aluminium. The Flux Beambox Laser Cutter has precise cutting and engraving capabilities making it great for designs of any detail level.

The removeable base allows you to etch larger pieces. With its innovative design, you will be just steps away from making amazing new products and designs.

Installation is a breeze – the set-up process is just as simple and accessible, and you can use the mobile app, BeamCam, for an even easier creative process.



What’s Included With The Flux Beambox Laser System

Flux Beambox Contents

1. FLUX Beambox (distilled water not included)
2. Vent hose Duct Clamp
3. Double sided tape to align the mirror’s
4. Ethernet cable
5. Vent Hose
6. Package with wrench’s, extra tool’s and dampers
7. Wood piece

8. Laser Cutter Lubricant
9. Funnel
10. Torx screwdriver & 2.5mm hexagonal wrench
11. Power cord
12. Wifi Dongle USB
13. Beambox Manual
14. Honey Comb Platform 

Flux Beambox Software

Flux Beambox Software

The Flux Beambox Laser Cutter uses file formats that we are all familiar with, such as JPG, PNG, SVG and DXF, additionally it also includes a handy tutorial. Beam Studio is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. You can connect your Flux Beambox Laser Cutter to your computer or laptop via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or smartphone hotspot.


• CAMERA ALIGNMENT: Use the built-in HD camera to preview the work area and the workpiece on your laptop or phone. Place your design exactly where you want, and get exactly what you expect.

Flux Beambox Control Panel• INTERNAL WATER-COOLING: The closed-loop water cooling system circulates water throughout the machine, keeping the components at the proper temperature at all times.

• HIGH RESOLUTION LASER: The Flux Beambox Laser Cutter uses a laser that is smaller than the width of a human hair and engraves with as little as 0.05mm layer depth. 

• SAFE FOR HOME AND SCHOOL: The Flux Beambox Laser Cutter is a fully enclosed laser system, which automatically pauses the job if the lid is opened during a task.  If an emergency occurs, you can shut down the machine immediately with a single switch.

• ROTARY (ADD-ON): Unlock Beambox’s 3D potential and engrave on curved objects like glassware and bottles. The rotary module rotates the workpiece. This easy-to-install add-on opens up whole new creative dimensions.


Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions93 × 82 × 41 cm
Product Weight:


Product Dimensions:

830 x 670 x 250 mm (WxDxH)

Work Area:

400 x 375 mm

Camera Preview Area:

400 x 360 mm

Work Area Depth:

80 mm

Laser Power

Beambox 40W, Beambox Pro 50W

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