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Optional Installation Service

Not everyone is comfortable installing their own laser tube, the mixture of high voltages and water cooling systems can be intimidating. This is why we offer a delivery and installation service to be carried out by one of our experienced engineers. It also gives you an opportunity to pick his brains regarding any laser machine questions you may have. 

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Our genuine 60W CO2 EFR Laser Tube (1200CL)is a common laser equipment accessory that is characterized by a stable performance, reliable quality and low failure rate.

The CO2 Laser tube is applicable for laser cutting, laser engraving, and laser marking in different industries, including advertising, packaging, craftwork processing, decorative construction materials, and clothing.

1. Stable Laser Power: Utilises high quality US gas mix which contributes to a stable laser power. This subsequently slows down the dissociation rate of the working gas, prolonging the service life.

2. Good Beam Mode: The CO2 Laser tube can achieve a TEM00 mode above 95%, and features a laser spot size ranging from 3-5mm.

3. High Power: The laser power is generally above 70W.

ModelLength (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Rated Power (W)Maximum Power (W)Max Operating CurrentStarting Voltage (KV)Catalyst
1200CL1200±2055±260W70 W22mA19KVYes


The EFR CO2 1200CL Series Laser Tube

With excellent capabilities to cut and engrave, the EFR 1200 series CO2 Laser tube is the ideal consumable for laser cutting and  laser engraving machines. It can achieve high frequency pulse engraving under a 5mA current, which is perfect for the clean cutting of card, paper and other thin materials. You may want to consider getting one of our matched, high quality HV-power supplies at the same time to optimise the performance of your laser machine. 

Operating Condition
1) Water cooling
Coolant: pure water
Flow rate: 2-5L/min.
Standard water temperature: 10℃ -40℃

2) Working environment
Temperature: 2℃-40℃
Humidity: 10%-60%

3) Operating current
The input current of the CO2 Laser tube is 22mA, as is the maximum current, and the long-term operation current is 22mA or below. The working life can be extended if the current is kept at 22mA and below.

Cathode End Of Efr 60W Laser Tube

The above currents should be in accordance with the actual currents displayed on the ammeter, which is in a series connection with the cathode. If the laser tubes are used incorrectly for long-term, over-current use, the color of the negative electrode will change, and the service life significantly reduced.

Cleaning Tips: Please do not use cotton swabs or other wipes to scrub the laser output window on this laser tube, as the coating is very delicate and if damaged, can affect the output power.

The specified cleaning method for the windows is as follows
1. When the laser tube output window is stained, first turn off the laser tube.
2. Use an air dust blower to blow away dust and dirt on the window.
3. Use a syringe to spray ethanol on the window.
4. After the ethanol fully evaporates, you can turn the laser tube back on and check performance.
5. If the above methods do not work effectively, please get in touch with our service team for more advice.

Prevention is better than cure, always protect the laser output window from contamination through the use of effective extraction and regular maintenance.

Special Notice
1. Do not use acetone to clean the glass.
2. When testing the laser beam output onto acrylic, it is advised to keep the acrylic at least 300mm from the end of the tube to minimise contamination.

Safety: As the CO2 glass laser device generates invisible light, always wear eye protection gear when operating in a Class II, III or IV environment. A high voltage safety label is sited at the positive pole.

Storage and Transportation Requirements: When storing and transporting the CO2 Laser tube, please drain the cooling liquid and cover the tube ends with dustproof plastic bags. For storage, the required environmental temperature is 2-40℃ and the humidity ranges from 10-60%.

Adhesive tapes and sponges should be used to fix the laser tubes and prevent sliding during transport. A 70mm sponge should be use at the end of the windows, and a 50mm sponge should be at the end of the fully reflecting mirror.

Package Size Laser Tube 1200CL

Quantity of Laser TubeProduct Net Weight (Kg)Carton CapacityCarton Dimension (L×W×H)Carton Dimension (with Sponge) (L×W×H)Product gross Weight (Kg)
11.7kg1 laser tube, small carton131×16.5×12.5cm131×24.5×20.5cm2.5kg
11.7kg1 laser tube, large carton141×25×21cm141×33×29cm4kg

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions131 × 16.5 × 12.5 cm
Laser Brand


Laser Power


Laser Tube Type

60W Glass CO2 EFR laser tube type 1200CL

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