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The S&A CW 6200 chiller is the go to industrial product for cooling your high powered 600W CO2 laser glass tube or 200W radio frequency CO2 laser systems. Buy your Genuine S&A Water Chiller here today and avoid the inferior counterfeit / look alike laser chiller systems on the market. 

  • Cooling Capacity: 5100W
  • Active cooling
  • Temperature stability: ±0.5°C
  • Temperature control range: 5°C ~35°C
  • Refrigerant: R-410a
  • User-friendly temperature controller
  • Integrated alarm functions
  • Back mounted water fill port and easy-to-read water level check
  • High reliability, energy efficiency and durability                                             
  • Simple setup and operation
  • UL certified version is available

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The S&A CW 6200 Chiller Upgrade / Replacement Industrial Unit for Laser Machines.

The CW 6200 chiller unit (Variant AN) is an industrial refrigerant cooling solution suitable for 600W CO2 laser glass tube or 200W radio frequency CO2 laser source for laser cutting and engraving machines.

Temperature control accuracy of this circulating refrigeration chiller is up to ±0.5°C while cooling capacity reaches up to 5100W, and is available in 

Teyu S&Amp;Amp;A Cw 6200 Chiller - Front View

220V 50HZ or 60HZ.

CO2 laser chiller CW-6200 features thoughtful designs such as easy-to-read water level check, easy water filling port and intelligent temperature control panel. Four caster wheels offer easy mobility and unmatched flexibility. With low maintenance and energy consumption, CW-6200 industrial chiller is your perfect cost-effective cooling solution that meets the CE, RoHS and REACH standards. UL certified version is also available.

Designed with intelligent temperature control function, this portable water chiller unit can keep your CO2 laser tube at a water temperature you set, automatically adjusting the temperature for you to avoid condensation occurring on the tube. 

This actively refrigerated CW 5200 industrial chiller is compact and reliable. Measuring only 58 X 29 X 47cm (L X W X H), it provides an efficient cooling  solution without taking up too much space in your workshop. Includes integrated top mount handles for easy portability. The digital temperature display is able to indicate temperature and alarm codes. With excellent heat dissipation capability, portability and cost-effective price,  the CW 5200 industrial chiller has become the favourite of ≤80W CO2 laser engraving machine users.

Please Note: Our CW 6200 units are supplied without packaging. Local pick up only or shipment on a pallet can be arranged at extra cost. 

SA CW 6200 user manual Download

If you are looking for a lower performance chiller, check out our TEYU S&A CW 5200 Chiller.



How to Spot a Counterfeit CW 5200 Industrial ChillerTeyu S&Amp;Amp;A Cw 6200 Chiller - Rear View

  1. Company logo.
    The company logo “S&A or TEYU ” is located on the front casing, side casing, temperature controller, water filling port cap, water drain port cap and the back tag of the S&A Teyu water chiller. A counterfeit unit will not have the “S&A” logo on it.
  2. Serial number.
    Every S&A Teyu water chiller carries a unique serial number, no matter whether it is passive cooling water chiller or refrigeration based water chiller. This serial number starts with “CS” and comes with 8 digits. So next time if you are wondering whether what you get is the genuine S&A Teyu closed loop water chiller or not, just send us this number and we will check this out for you.

Additional information

Weight24 kg
Dimensions65 × 36 × 51 cm

AC 220~240V 50/60Hz Single Phase



Max. Power Consumption




Max. Pump Pressure

1.2 BAR

Max. Pump Flow



Compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm

Inlet and outlet

OD 10mm Barbed connector


Supplied without packaging. Local pick recommended.