BOFA AD 1500 iQ Extractor


The AD 1500 iQ is the high performance laser fume extraction system for heavy duty applications in the laser marking, coding and engraving industries.

The AD 1500 iQ system takes performance and safety parameters to a new level and helps keep maintenance downtime and ownership costs to a minimum.

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BOFA’s AD 1500 iQ high end laser extraction system combines extremely large filter capacity with high airflow and pressure rates, making it the ideal choice for heavy duty applications that generate large amounts of particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

Performance has been further enhanced with the inclusion of several features including BOFA’s acclaimed iQ Operating System, making the AD 1500 iQ one of the most advanced systems available.

The iQ system takes performance and safety parameters to a new level and ensures that maintenance, downtime and ownership costs are kept to a minimum.

Standard Features

  •  iQ Operating System
  •  Reverse flow filter technology
  •  High airflow and pressure rates
  •  DeepPleat DUO Pre filter
  •  Automatic flow control system
  •  High contrast display
  •  Real time airflow reading
  •  ‘Run Safe’ operation
  •  Remote diagnostics via USB
  •  Independent filter condition monitoring, display and warnings
  •  Combined HEPA/Gas filter incorporating ACF technology
  •  Filters with long life and low replacement cost

Optional Features for the Bofa AD 1500 iQ

  • VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound)
    • This sensor and alarm are optional extras on some systems. If the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) alarm option is installed in your unit, the extractor will monitor and detect the level of VOC particles in the air. If the VOC level rises above a pre-set level then the LED will flash red and alarm will sound. This will then require the replacement of the Combined filter.
  • Remote stop / Start interface
    • The Remote Stop/Start feature enables the extraction unit to be remotely turned On / Off via an external signal. This feature can be configured in 3 ways
      • DC Voltage input – Range 12-24VDC
      • Volt free input – Open / Closed contacts
      • Override – Stop / Start feature switched off
  • Filter Blocked / System Fail Signal
    • With this option the system will output a signal to alert the user when the extractor has failed or when the filters are blocked. This feature will not directly stop the extractor from running, correctly, but if fitted this feature should be terminated correctly before power is applied to the system. With this configuration the Filter blocked & System fail signals will be linked together to give a combined single output.
  • Interfacing with host laser
  • Optional filter medias

Technical Data for the Bofa AD 1500 iQ

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1205 x 615 x 790mm
  • Airflow /Pressure: 1250m3/hr | 100mbar
  • Electrical Data: 230v 1ph 50/60Hz Full load current: 24 amps / 3.3kw
  • Weight: 140kg
  • Approvals: CE / cUL / UL

Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 79 × 61.5 × 120.5 cm
Lightblade Compatibility

Lightblade 1290, Lightblade 1490

Hose Inlet Connection


DeepPleat DUO pre-filter

Part Number: A1030222

Combined HEPA / gas filter

Part Number: A1030297

Compatible Hose Kits

Hose Kit: Laser 125 to 150mm suitable for Lightblade 1290 and 1490 supplied as standard


We can deliver to all parts of the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland. All Bofa Laser Fume Extraction systems are built to order. The average lead time on any Bofa Laser Fume Extraction system is typically 3 – 4 weeks.


Bofa warrants that the Goods manufactured by it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of installation.

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