OEM systems

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Developed over many years of system design and build, our technical group encompasses a wide range of laser engineering disciplines.  Combine this with their experience in designing and building laser marking solutions and optical delivery systems, the team have earned a reputation for delivering laser solutions within the normal commercial restrictions associated with capital equipment.

In more recent years, our design and supply, has extended beyond just laser marking systems.  We have provided both end user laser machine manufacturing solutions, and OEM based agreements with capital equipment manufacturers, using laser based technology solutions.

Laser OEM Module Design & Manufacture


For example:

3D printed titanium bicycle break leaver.

3D printed titanium bicycle break leaver.


In the semiconductor industry, we successfully designed and developed a silicon cutting product.  The product was supplied in two formats; high volume with high levels of automation, together with a low volume capability and many of the automation features removed.

In the competitive area of SLM, we have successfully designed and manufactured an optical module, which can deliver laser sources, up to 1 kW to the work bed.  This package includes, both the hardware element along with control software.  Working closely with the equipment manufacturer, these modules are integrated into SLM machines supplied all over the world.

The manipulation of matrix coated fibre, has proved difficult, when trying to introduce high volume manufacturing that would utilise the very high benefits offered by such materials. Working closely with the material manufacturer, we are developing manufacturing processes aimed at component production.

Optical rail developed for a 3rd party machine builder

Optical rail developed for a 3rd party machine builder

We are able to offer design and build facilities based on modular building blocks. The customer stipulates what level their expertise can deal with, and then Thinklaser design, build and supply up to that point, supporting the handover and possible integration.

Thinklaser will provide a powerful addition to any product development team, where laser technology and laser solutions are a required addition.  The complete process provision is just like having that key technology in-house.  We operate Solidworks, so are able to integrate and comply with most industry standard drawing facilities, and we have full in-house software generation and control, along with electronic design and provision capability.

Call us now, to discuss potential ideas you may have where laser technology might be used to enhance the project path and ultimately the product time to market.