In 2015, Thinklaser partnered with Tisics to secure R&D funding from the European Space Agency.

Working with Surrey based Tisics, the project concentrates on the development of vessels for use on the next generation of space craft being looked at by ESA.  This R&D project will run over two and a half years with the outcome target being components that will fly in space.

The 2.5M euro award, thought to be one of the biggest ever awarded to SME companies, will push both Thinklaser and Tisics into the forefront of component manufacturing for space. The two companies have joined forces for the project based on their very complimentary expertise.  Tisics have developed the matrix coated fibre technology, while Thinklaser will be using their expertise in materials handling to develop the manufacturing solution. The news of the ESA project was complimented with the announcement that Thinklaser and Tisics had also won a TSB project valued at just under 1M sterling, further strengthening the co-operation of the two company’s over the next few years.

Read more about the project here:

ThinkLaser work with a range of FTSE 100, Universities, and other large and exciting organisations to enable them to make best use of the benefits of laser technology.

ThinkLaser has help organisations to streamline their operations, solve manufacturing problems such as through advanced traceability, reduce costs, and help ensure that their energy consumption adheres to regulations, using laser technology.

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