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Thinklaser design and manufacture high performance laser engraving and laser marking systems aimed at industrial production environments. We also supply the Lightblade range of Laser engraving and laser cutting machines for non-metallic applications.

A privately owned British company, established in 2000, we pride ourselves in being one of the country’s top laser engraving and marking equipment providers.

We have brought together a team of people with the technical expertise and specialist skills that will give you confidence when you invest in Thinklaser laser based systems and services. We maintain full control over product design and manufacture, application development and the support criteria provision for every machine sold.

Lightblade Laser Machines And Co2 Laser Parts
Sign &Amp; Digital

Exhibiting for our second year at the Sign & Digital Show, we will once again be demonstrating our Lightblade 3040, with a working area of 300 x 400mm it is the smallest of our flatbed CO2 Lightblade range. If you are looking for something a little larger we are able to offer systems with working areas up to 1600 x 1000mm.
To showcase the Lightblade’s flexibility, we will be giving demonstrations of “Laser Origami” the process of using a laser to make 3D objects by introducing bends instead of joints into the product and eliminating the need for manual assembly.

The Lightblade achieves this by heating up selected regions of the workpiece until they become compliant and bend under the force of gravity.

Come and join us on Stand L52 to discuss the benefits of using lasers in your production environment.

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