Optical Laser Cleaning Kits

Whether using lasers for business or as a hobby, the same lessons apply when maintaining and cleaning optics. The health of a laser beam can be compromised by things such as fingerprints, dirt, dust or small particles, resulting in costly replacements which could have been prevented. This guide will explore some of the best techniques to keep your lasers clean and suggest a few of the highest quality laser lens cleaning kits for your money.

Optical Laser Lens Contaminants

Contaminants can affect not only the parameters of the beam itself, but more importantly can, and will, damage the lens and its coating over time.

Whether it be dust or dirt on the surface of the lens, this focal point will gradually allow the laser beam to deteriorate the local area and decrease the effectiveness of the coating. This will result in more concentrated energy being absorbed into that area which will consequentially further damage the lens and beam characteristics.

The Benefits of Lens Cleaning Kits

Optical lens cleaning kits offer many benefits; with an array of tools and techniques you are able to inspect and clean optical lenses and restore optimal operating conditions.

Having the option of using solvent based solutions or gentle air removal tools to ensure the surface is free from debris makes optical cleaning kits an essential tool in order to properly maintain and upkeep the performance of laser optical equipment. Within the laser marking and cutting industry debris and airborne contaminants are common and can lead to undesirable particles settling on important optical surfaces. Having the correct tools to in place to address these situations is essential.

Although a ThinkLaser Laser Optics Cleaning Kit is provided with each laser machine purchase, you can also buy them separately for £150. Considering the cost of a new optic can be in the hundreds of pounds, a regular cleaning regime with professional equipment is considered a small outlay.

Recommended Techniques for Optical Laser Lens Cleaning

A professional optical laser lens cleaning kit should contain:

  • Inspection Tools – Inspection tools will allow you to determine if, how and where the optics need to be cleaned.
  • Air Cans – These cans blow air to remove loose contaminants out of hard to reach areas.
  • Chemicals – There are various chemicals which are used for stubborn contamination which differ in levels of aggression to match the level of the contaminant.
  • Special Cloths – Cotton swabs and dedicate optical cloths ensure that the cleaning process avoids causing scratches to the optics.
  • How to booklet – Each kit will contain a guide on how to use the optics cleaning equipment and when to perform checks.

Laser Lens Cleaner Kit Guide

Dedicated optics cleaning kits are the best way to ensure your optics are cleaned correctly. Other options such as CD cleaning kits will not provide an appropriate clean and likely cause scratching and further contamination to the optics.

Having a clean laser marking system will greatly improve performance, guaranteeing repeatability of processes and ensuring uniform laser marking. Improving on quality control between operations means that you have consistent marking capabilities without compromise. General housekeeping and maintenance of your system will increase longevity while also reducing servicing requirements and parts replacement.

To purchase a Thinklaser laser optics cleaning kit, fill in the form on this page, or call us on 01737 887309.

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