As part of the company’s investments for their next financial year (November 2015 and beyond) Thinklaser can confirm that Gareth Lewis and Neel Ravat will join Carol Wilson to make up a new sales team. Gareth brings with him a wealth of industrial laser sales and will head up our main product portfolio of marking and engraving systems as well as our bespoke design and build programme. Neel will be looking after our subcontract business while providing and internal sales support role for both Carol and Gareth. Carol Wilson will continue to look after our range of flat bed CO2 machines.

Adrian Norton was also able to confirm that at least 2 new products would be added to the company’s portfolio before the end of 2015. A 70 watt fibre laser for deep engraving and marking as well as a new 20-30 watt CO2 marker. The addition of these two products means we will be able to offer one of the most comprehensive product ranges in our industry sector covering an extensive range of applications, attractively priced.

Thinklaser can also confirm that Liam McComb has joined the company’s engineering team. Liam a graduate from Kingston University in 2010 brings a wide range of mechanical engineering disciplines and interests and will compliment, very well, the current group.

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