Laser safety products

Laser safety products are an essential element of working with lasers in any environment. Thinklaser offer a comprehensive range of safety accessories aimed at protecting you, your employees and your environment. Products include:

  • Filter glass for enclosures or viewing windows.
  • Polycarbonate and prescription eyewear.
  • Laser containment systems (Barriers and curtains) for servicing production floor equipment.
  • Viewing windows and blinds for dedicated process rooms.
  • Information and warning signs for in and around process areas.

Laser Safety Barriers

To aid the safe usage of laser based systems, Laser Safety Barriers can be used for added protection. They incorporate multi panelled metal shield’s that protect from all wavelengths and power levels. Rated at 1200 W/cm2 and having the capability to withstand direct exposure for up to 3 minutes.
Able to absorb and diffuse laser beams via there textured surface area. These barriers are very versatile and are made in a variety of sizes.

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Laser Safety Curtains

Laser curtains are another alternative to assist in safety when using lasers. With the capability to protect against scattered laser radiation, these curtains are made from a nylon based material which is non- flammable and specially coated. Diffuses laser radiation, with a range from 200um to 11000um. Fully customisable, laser safety curtains are made in a variety of finishes. From normal curtain styles to roller blinds and portable barriers, laser safety curtains can be made to suit your needs.

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