Desired effect:

We love getting involved with laser engraving, etching and cutting different materials as part of peoples projects. When people approach us with their desired laser requirements we use our expertise and knowledge of laser technology to enhance, develop and give the customer the desired effect.

The student:

Holly, a student studying a Sculpture Masters at The Royal College of Art, was no exception to this when she approached us with a time restraining challenge as the completion of her 10,000 word dissertation loomed.

Her dissertation cover:

She had decided to laser etch the front cover of her MA dissertation titled ‘Skin Deep: Intimacies Without Proximities’.

  • She had intended to have a tactile surface on her dissertation, due to it being about touch and skin.
  • The etched surface helps the cover look epidermal, like it was kind of imprinted into the skin.

How Holly did it:

As Holly studied Art at university she was familiar with the laser etching process, using it before in some of her work. As she knew about the process it was a case of finding the right people to complete the challenge in the time frame for her.

As she is local to Reigate, where Thinklaser is based, she found the company online. She discussed the concept with them, agreed on the font style, size and positioning and sent the dissertation cover to them to start the process in time.

Her testimonial:

“Thinklaser were so helpful in assisting me with my project. From the initial consultation to their detailed and precise processes, everything was perfect and every step of the way was extremely efficient. I had a really tight deadline but they managed to do it within my time limit to a brilliant quality. They are a fantastic and friendly company that I would recommend to anyone wanting to use a this type of service.”


A beautiful, thoughtful and quality laser etched dissertation cover that demonstrates the concept of Holly’s Masters dissertation, as well as a rewarding project for Thinklaser to work on.

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