The difference Embossing and Laser engraving can produce is small, but significant.

Here’s the breakdown

Embossing is most commonly used on postage or stamps to produce a raised or recessed design. Although this popular process has been used since the early 19th century (see short history of embossing here relating to business cards), laser engraving technology has developed a lot quicker in a shorter space of time, and can produce a higher quality laser marking or laser engraving effect.

Speed vs Detail

The main difference is that embossing is the quicker method to create a marked image, but, it cant achieve the level of detail that laser engraving can produce.

So which is better?

Essentially, to decide whether embossing or laser engraving is the better option for your marking, engraving or imprinting options, you need to decide whether  you prioritise speed of production or require a higher level of detail in your finish.

Test it out

Here is an example of a trial we did for the Home Office to explore if laser engraving would be better than embossing.

They already used embossing to mark the outer case plates for important documents with the Royal Crest. We demonstrated the detail you can achieve on the Royal Coat of Arms (Royal Crest) with laser engraving, and as you can see the quality of the Royal Crest is of a extremely high quality.

Laser Engraving of a detailed Royal Crest.

This is a test we regularly do for current users of embossing to help assess if a laser marking approach is required.

If you want to find out more about the Laser engraving process and quality of the effects it can produce then please get in touch using our contact form.

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