At Thinklaser we like to experiment with different laser cutting projects and try out new concepts to enhance our design software and how we engineer our machines. To do this we continuously try to better our application and process with different projects and ideas.

We learn something different about our approach to laser technology each time, even when these ideas fail and a great idea for a project doesn’t actually work in reality. However, sometimes we succeed in completing a beautiful project from a creative concept and this is definitely true for our most recent quirky, funny and tasty experiment.

We had the idea to create a house for our M&M’s. Why you ask? To stop us eating the M&M’s all the time, hence the ‘hide my sweets’ title. Also we thought it would be good to explore our laser cutting technology systems.

  • We used Acrylic material that was 5mm thick and clear.
  • We used the Lightblade Flatbed machine to laser cut out the 7 pieces that make up the building.
  • The pieces were then glued together and the M&M’s hidden away inside.

We filled the house with 6 packets of M&M’s, so the house is relatively small, but definitely a good hiding place for the M&M’s as they cant be retrieved very easily, believe us, we’ve tried.

Laser Cutting Project

Hope you enjoyed our little M&M house hiding experiment, check out out our news page or follow us on twitter for more interesting updates and work we do.

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