It is important to understand the customer requirements when it comes to bespoke laser chassis design, particularly our M-Series and LightWriter marking machines

And it’s the result of this understanding that affects how we design what goes into or onto that chassis. The design of our M-Series and LightWriter laser marking machine chassis was created to allow for this flexibility.

The chassis design provides us with the creativity and flexibility to respond to our customer requirements without having to redesign for each project. We were originally inspired by the automotive platform, whereby car chassis are designed to accommodate a very large range of optional modules without changing the chassis design. For example, with cars, the same chassis can be provided with different engines and interior trim. Applying this same idea to the chassis design of our laser marking machines gives us the same benefits to our customers.

With developments and variations with the lasers and type of work they are used for, the laser chassis can be tailored and created to client’s individual needs.

Lightscribe Laser Engraving Marking Machine
Our Lightscribe Desktop Plug and Play Laser Engraving Marking Machine

Our Process in Chassis Design:

At Thinklaser our enthusiastic management team are readily available to talk about these needs, discuss important factors that need considering before creating bespoke machinery and answer any queries. Meet the team here.

We follow these different stages when creating bespoke design chassis.

  1. Firstly it is important to consider the different range of components the machine is capable of handling, throughput of the components, any quality assurance measures like vision verification and of course price.
  2. Following this initial discussion we would then talk to the operators and maintenance personnel. The operators deal with the product on a daily basis and are therefore vital in the sense that they understand the pit falls experienced with their current machines. Using their knowledge we can eradicate problems on any new bespoke designs that are implemented.
  3. After collating all of this information together a concept design can be drawn up and discussed within the engineering team in a PDR (Preliminary Design Review) so that any issues can be discovered at an early stage.
Laser Marking Machine - Bae - Using Bespoke Laser Chassis Designs

We collaborate at these early design stages allowing a full system to be designed with a sound knowledge of the customer requirements. This ensures we deliver a design that solves the issues encountered with their previous set up, streamlining their manufacturing process and allowing them to create better components.

Our Specialist Process in Chassis Design:

Within the discussion process, some clients find they need more specialist laser machines for their laser marking, engraving and cutting needs.

  • If the machine requires any specialist equipment then the design team will discuss the topic with our wide pool of suppliers across all mechanical handling areas, from bowl feeders and precision linear stages through to high resolution camera systems. These will then be incorporated into the final machine design.
  • If no specialist machinery is required and the components will be loaded in by the operator then special jigs will be developed to ensure that the components can be positioned repeatedly and accurately under the laser, ensuring high throughput at high accuracy levels.

Either which way the main chassis design is used, the incorporation of a modular design framework allows specific areas to be modified without inadvertently affecting others. This enables a speedier design and ensures accurate pricing.

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