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The Roboze 3D Printer Range


Roboze One

Small footprint, big performance! Highly accurate with the ability to print a wide range of materials from flexible polymers to carbon reinforced polyamide, create large parts on your desktop

Roboze One+ 400

Industry grade performance on your desk – print true high performance engineering polymers such as PEEK in a desktop system.

Roboze One Xtreme

Seamlessly shift from prototype to production with the Xtreme series, designed with engineering super polymers in mind to manufacture metal replacement components.

Roboze One +400 Xtreme

Expand your production with extreme high temperature capability for the highest performance super polymers including Carbon PEEK

Roboze Argo 350

Your engineering polymer additive manufacturing production requirements. Exceeded.

Roboze Argo 500

The ultimate in FFF production capability and capacity.

Beltless Drives

Helical rack and pinion drives on the X and Y axis allow for 25 micron positional accuracy for consistent component manufacture

Designed with longevity in mind

Stainless steel extruder head lasts up to 2.5 times longer than competitor systems

High temperature capability

High performance polymers demand a high performance build environment, with extruder temperatures up to 300 degrees centigrade and build plate temperatures up to 100 degrees centigrade for consistent builds.

Removable build plate

Fast, easy access to finished components

3.5” touch screen

Quick and easy machine set-up

Large parts, small footprint

Create parts up to 300mm x 200mm x200mm on your desktop

Ultra high accuracy & repeatability

Improved helical rack and pinion drive system for repeatability down to 15 microns

Improved productivity

20% increase in drive speed over desktop machines, print at up to 4000mm/min to reduce build times and beat the competition to the market

Auto-leveling build plate

Reduce pre-print time and improve greenlight time with high speed set up

Vacuum technology

Reduce downtime between prints with vacuum secured build sheets, part removal and reload is now a matter of seconds

Heated build plate

Guarantee thermal stability and adhesion of your components during build

Filament storage and preparation

Accurately control filament humidity and temperature and ensure the print material is in optimum condition before and during production

Dual extruders for increased productivity

Reduce build time for multiple component build with a dedicated extruder for support material.

HVP Extruder

Designed specifically for super polymers, our air cooled HVP extruder can manage the viscosity and accuracy of even the most demanding super polymers over long builds

Thermal stability for large parts

With a build chamber capable of temperatures up to 180 degrees centigrade, specially designed to evenly distribute heat across the build chamber, the build environment is consistently optimal across the build area

Ultra high accuracy

Improved helical rack and pinion drive system for repeatability down to 10 microns

Auto-leveling build plate

Reduce pre-print time and improve greenlight time with high speed set up

Filament storage, preparation and auto feed.

Dry and preheat two filament spools (one support, one primary) to maximise productivity, seamlessly swap spools in-process for large volume builds with no interruption

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which materials can I use to print?

A: We offer a wide range of materials including high performance technical polymers such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK, ULTEM, EXTEM and Carbon PA. Depending on the printer, we currently have up to 12 different materials to work with. Roboze systems are also open source, meaning you are free to work with materials from other suppliers. 

What software does the system use?

A: Simplify. The software is intuitive, easy to use and fully compatible with Roboze 3D Printers.

How do I transfer build files to the printer?

A: Our production style machines are networkable via WIFI or Ethernet. As standard, all of our machines have type B USB connectivity to manually transfer build if required.

How accurate are the machines?

A: Our patented beltless drives’ use a Helical rack and pinion. This system offers positional accuracy to 10 Microns in the X and Y axis’. The Z axis is driven by ball screw for consistency and stability during long print runs. 

How fast is the machine?

A: The printers are among the fastest in FFF technology, with print speeds of up to 5,000 mm/min.

What surface finish can I expect from my parts?

A: Due to the machines extremely high accuracy, we deliver the best surface finish possible using FFF technology.

Can I post process my parts?

A: Yes if required. Depending on the material used and application, you may want to anneal the parts to seal the parts from liquids or chemical ingress. You can also post process to improve surface finish or paint the parts.

What is the maximum build volume

A: The largest available build volume is 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

Does Roboze have a heated build chamber

A: Yes; controlled at 1800C on the production printers, passive on the other printers at 1200C.

Why do you need to dry your filament?

A: Nylon naturally attracts moisture which can lead to clogging and can affect print quality. To get the best performance, we include the dryer as part of the system.

What does open system mean?

A: We operate an open system in this case refers to the material capability, Roboze systems are compatible with other FFF material.

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The most advanced production solutions are only as good as the support behind them. Let our experts take the hassle out of machine maintenance with Thinklaser support programs designed to allow you to focus on your production.

About Roboze

Thinklaser are proud to partner with Roboze. Voted Startup of the year in 2018 by Ernst & Young, Roboze are disrupting the FFF market with industrial systems developed for those in need of stable, productive and reliable printers. Roboze AM systems are used by several industry leaders for motorsport, aeronautics, defense and aerospace applications


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