When it comes to choosing a laser cutter for schools, colleges and other educational institutions, Thinklaser is your ultimate destination for all laser-related needs in education!

Thinklaser pledges to accompany you every step of the way throughout the lifecycle of your laser system acquisition. Beginning with expert guidance to help you select the optimal laser system for your specific application and budget, we extend our support through installation and comprehensive training.

Our commitment doesn't end there; we provide ongoing technical assistance, ensure regular system maintenance, and offer a range of accessories, spare parts, and consumables to meet your evolving needs.

Fox Head Laser engraved - Birch faced ply

In our dedication to laser excellence, we've launched a collection of 51 Lightblade tutorial videos. These videos showcase the extensive capabilities of the Lightblade laser cutting and engraving machines, while also offering invaluable tips and techniques to ensure your system remains in peak condition, delivering exceptional quality and consistent results.

What ignites enthusiasm for integrating laser cutters into educational settings?

It's the streamlined process of transforming product concepts into prototypes with remarkable efficiency. Utilizing a laser cutter, students can swiftly actualize their initial scale models, whether for architectural modelling, creative design, or fashion prototyping. Across numerous educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, FabLabs and Makerspaces, laser cutters stand as indispensable digital tools.

Projects employing laser cutters in educational environments not only demonstrate the principles of digital manufacturing but also ensure safety and expedience. Adjustments to prototypes become a breeze, requiring minimal time and resources. The entire journey from conceptualization to the realization of the final piece is digitally delineated, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the modern production process.

The Thinklaser Laser Cutter for Schools & Education Ranges

Whatever your budget, Thinklaser has a laser system for you.

The Flux Range of affordable desktop laser systems are perfect for scenarios prioritizing price, performance, and space. These systems provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience, enabling students to explore their creativity in the classroom. From design and testing to production and problem-solving, students can enjoy the entire process while unleashing their unique ideas with ease.

The Lightblade Range of laser cutting and engraving machines offers the reliability and quality akin to high-end equipment, now at prices tailored to fit your DT budget. Our line-up of laser cutters, designed in the UK and manufactured in China, guarantees top-tier cut quality and reliability, with minimal maintenance requirements and a cost-conscious ownership approach.

We consider the Lightblade range to be a great contender for best laser cutter for schools, with each new laser machine comes fully equipped to dive into the exciting world of laser cutting and engraving, providing everything you need to get started. You just need to decide how you will manage fume extraction, in your work area.

Laser Cutter for Schools: The Flux Beamo Desktop System
The Flux Beamo
Laser Cutter for Schools: The Flux Beambox Desktop System
The Flux Beambox Desktop
Laser Cutter In Schools: The Flux Beambox Pro Desktop System
The Flux Beambox Pro Desktop
Laser Cutter For Schools UK: The Flux Hexa Desktop System
The Flux Hexa Desktop
laser cutters for schools: The Lightblade 3040
The Lightblade 3040 System
Laser Cutter for Schools: The Lightblade 4060
The Lightblade 4060 System
Best Laser Cutter for Schools: The Lightblade 6090
The Lightblade 6090 System
Laser Cutter for Schools: The Lightblade 1290 System
The Lightblade 1290 System

Laser Spares and Consumables

We offer comprehensive support for laser cutting and engraving machines, providing a range of spare parts such as laser tubes, power supplies, lenses, mirrors, and chiller units. Additionally, we supply Laser Fume Extraction Systems and filters from both Bofa and Purex, to ensure a safe and clean working environment.

Explore our online store for unbeatable deals on laser systems, spare parts, accessories, and consumables. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to us, and we'll gladly check our stock or order the specific part you need. Plus, many of our parts are compatible with a broad range of our competitors' laser systems, ensuring convenience and flexibility. We're always happy to help out new customers!

Laser Service, Repairs, Maintenance and Technical Support

Whatever brand of laser cutter for schools that you currently have, we are able to support you with onsite servicing and repairs. Count on our exceptional engineering team to conduct an annual service, guaranteeing optimal performance of your laser system.

They'll meticulously inspect every aspect and provide expert advice on any existing issues or potential concerns to ensure your system continues to operate flawlessly. It's also a wonderful opportunity to tap into the engineer's expertise and glean some valuable hints and tips.

Keep in mind that preventative maintenance is not only better than a cure but also much more cost-effective in the long run!

In the event of a fault with your laser system, our engineers can guide you on whether a simple fix can be done by yourself or if an engineer's visit is necessary. If onsite repair is needed, we strive to have all relevant spare parts readily available for a swift resolution.

Explore our extensive collection of hints, tips, and advice in our troubleshooting guides. They're designed to help you diagnose and resolve laser system issues on your own, ensuring quick and effective solutions.

F.A.Q's Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy a laser cutter?

With budgets being squeezed year on year, getting the best value for money for your laser system purchases has never been more important. Our exceptional Lightblade range starts at £4,392+VAT for the Lightblade 3040-40W system and goes up to £9,915+ VAT for the Lightblade 1610-150W system.
For those with smaller budgets or looking to supplement their existing laser systems, we have the Flux range of desktop systems ranging from £2,077~£6,541 plus VAT.

Which is the best laser cutter for education?

The best laser cutter for education is a subjective choice and depends on your specific needs and budget. However, we are obviously a little biased when it comes to our Lightblade range of Laser Cutting and Engraving machines. We believe they have the optimum combination of safety, performance, reliability and value for money. The Lightblade 4060 and 6090 are our most popular solutions for schools.
As always, it is recommended to research and compare specifications, features, and customer reviews before making any decision. But we are here to discuss your requirements if needed.

How does a laser cutter work step by step?

A laser cutter works by using a high-powered laser to cut or engrave materials. Here are the basic steps:

>The laser cutter receives instructions from a computer or software on what to cut and/or engrave.
>The laser beam is generated and focused on a specific point.
>The focused laser beam heats the material, causing it to melt, vaporize, or burn.
>The laser cutter's motion control system moves the laser beam along the desired cutting path.
>As the laser beam moves, it creates a clean and precise cut or engraving on the material.
>The process continues until the desired design or cutting pattern is complete.

Please note that safety precautions and specific settings may vary depending on the type of laser cutter and the material being cut.

What are laser cutters used for in schools?

Laser cutters in schools are used for various purposes such as creating precise and intricate designs, prototyping, art projects, engineering projects, architectural models, and educational demonstrations.