Custom Solutions

Lightwriter with bandoleer feed, guillotine and dual laser source, above and below.

custom feed system and guillotine

During the past 15 years, Thinklaser has established a reputation for creating innovative laser marking and laser engraving machines  for industrial product marking. These are not integrated products, these are designed and optimised to provide a true process machine. Two chassis styles form the basis of most of our machines. The imaginative designs, allow us to select an appropriate chassis form and then configure it to match the application, the production environment and the process requirements. This allows us to provide a dedicated solution, without compromise, on time, and at costs that are realistic.

Where chassis forms from our standard range, and we are unable to provide a solution, we can offer bespoke design and supply that attains the same high standard and competitive cost levels that you would find in these configurations.  An ever growing demand for automation within the manufacturing process, has seen us develop a host of additional options to ensure optimum efficiency within our packages.  We have included many different tools within our designs;  tools such as vision for both inspection and verification;  multiple axis movements for product manipulation; measurement facilities for accurate product placement; and gas assist for process control and enhancement.

Not all our activities are centred on marking and engraving systems.  With the company’s wide range of engineering disciplines, together with our laser and optical delivery knowledge, we have been asked to develop a number of products for other manufacturing environments utilising laser technology.  Examples such as, the system shown can be found in our case studies where a full description and technical brief can be found.

Projects have included, machine development for silicon wafer cutting for both high and lower volume environments. Other more recent activities include, hole drilling into steel at 80 meters a minute, along with the design of optical delivery systems for 1 kW SLM projects. Over the next few years, we will be working with a material specialist to develop manufacturing equipment that will manipulate matrix coated fibre.


Dual auto load stations, cutting function on this modifies M Series machine

dual feed with auto align

As expert laser machine manufacturers, with an aptitude for problem solving, our team’s capabilities include the following:


  • In-house design (specialist skills include: electro mechanical design, electronics and electrical design, software design and control, and laser applications engineering)
  • Project management skills
  • CAD/CAM investment programme (currently running Solidworks)
  • In-house or on-site training programme available (included in the price of all new equipment purchases)
  • Technical support personnel (all equipment supported through warranty and beyond via service contracts)




Our team would be happy to discuss any potential projects with you.