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OneLife iD

OneLife iD specialise in providing innovative, personal ID products that carry your choice of emergency, medical or contact information.  Wearing or carrying a OneLife iD ICE (in case of emergency) product ensures immediate identification, medical alert, quick communication with your next-of-kin and peace of mind.

Our multi-function emergency, sports and medical ID product range includes ID Wristbands, Dog Tags, Key Rings, Stickers and ID Cards. This allows you to:

  • Select the personal ID…
Earth from space

Space… Is it our final frontier?

n 2015, Thinklaser partnered with Tisics to secure R&D funding from the European Space Agency.

Working with Surrey based Tisics, the project concentrates on the development of vessels for use on the next generation of space craft being looked at by ESA.  This R&D project will run over two and a half years with the outcome target being components that will fly in space.

The 2.5M euro award, thought to be one of the biggest ever awarded to SME companies,…


Making it with lasers educational challenge

The project objective:

Reigate based company Thinklaser Limited, experts in engineering laser technology, are donating kit worth up to £8,000 to South Essex College in an effort to enhance students learning of laser technology and its abilities.

The high calibre equipment is one of the Flatbed Lightblade machines which use a CO2 wave lengh and has been placed in South Essex College as part of a trial to see how well the scheme will work in benefiting the student’s…