Machine type used M Series laser marking system
Laser Source Nd:YAG Q switched Laser
Application Serial numbers for asset tracking
Completion Year 2013
Customer Hertfordshire Police
Material Plastic

Laser marking tracking identification Application – Hertfordshire Constabulary

Although products of this type would normally require corporate branding, a more important element can be asset tracking. In this case, the police use a unique serial number to identify the camera when used for collecting information that then requires logging, evidence being a good example. It is also used to log out to a specific officer, when on duty providing a full history on the parts life time.

Laser Marking Tracking Identification

Each of these video units is located on the officer’s uniform and is used for collected potential evidence when on duty. They have determined that peoples’ approach when confronted with such technology, tend to be less aggressive, proving that the investment works in more ways than one. Due to privacy laws, as well as data collection, you have to be notified that you are being videoed during any conversation with the officer. To ensure all compliances are met, the Hertfordshire police wanted a large notification marked onto the camera unit, hence the statement video recording on the front. The asset number being the small one below it.

Plastics are always more challenging to work with due the many different ways plastic react to laser energy. The three main ways that plastics can change during marking are: bleaching where any pigment or additive is removed as part of the process. The result tends to be that the mark would be lighter that the main material colour. Chemical reaction where the surface changes, normally from bubbling. The energy caused a chemical change to the surface and in doing so, changed the contrast levels between surface background and mark area. The surface is melted creating an engraved mark on the surface with no contrast levels.

The marking has no negative effect on the part from the heat generated during the process, due to the localised interaction area.

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