Machien type used M Series laser marking system
Laser source Nd:YAG Q switched laser
Application 2D matrix code for traceability
Completion year 2005
Customer Abgene
Material dual layer Acrylic sheet

We believe that this customer was able to offer the smallest code of this type across his competitors. Thermo Fisher Scientific – UK

Laser marking 2D matrix code on acrylic sheets uses a laser receptive material onto which the 2D code and its human readable information is processed using laser marking. In order to maintain the smallest process area, the human readable was split onto either side of the code, as seen in the picture. The customer then punches out the code into an end cap which is ultrasonically welded onto the end of the vial.

We were able to use an Nd:YAG laser process in a single mode set up, which allows us to create very small matrix codes. The codes shown are 10 character codes at 2.25 mm square. The part also has human readable characters.

Laser Marking 2D Matrix Code On Acrylic

The acrylic material has been designed to be laser receptive. The multi layer material, exposes the inner layer white colour once the upper layer is removed using the laser marking process.

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