Machine type usedLightWriter laser marking system
Laser sourceFibre laser
ApplicaationGeneration of technical symbols for identification
Completion year2014
CustomerHull University
MaterialStainless Steel

Stainless steel marking by fibre laser – for Hull University

The product forms part of a large order to supply Hull University with facilities to desk units allowing power, lighting, and internet access as well as head phone plug in. Each of the symbols seen in the photograph is 5 x 5 mm and very detailed. While jigging was a little unusual due to the back side of each panel, the fiber laser was ideally suited to the application. The small spot size ensured good detail creation for each of the symbols, and the high repetition rate allowed for very dark marking, and the application of fiber laser and laser marking of stainless steel being perfect. In the case where a brush finish is used, we ensure that the fill lines run perpendicular to the brush lines, this ensures the highest levels of contrast are created. Sometimes if the brush and fill lines run together in the same direction, the fill lines are lost creating a patchy effect finish.

Again, due to the high pulse rate and speed at which these types of lasers can be run, we create the mark using multiple passes building up both the intensity of the darkness and depth of penetration of the discolouring into the material surface. No vaporisation of the material takes place during this type of process. Sometimes referred to as annealing or CW marking, the materials are heated very quickly to change colour during the process, making the heat affected area is very small.

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