Machine type usedLightWriter
Laser SourceFibre
ApplicationSerialisation of parts
Completion Year2008
CustomerKay Engineering
MaterialStainless Steel

Laser Marking of Stainless-steel Cup for Kay Engineering

The image represents an example of laser marking of stainless steel cup and curved surfaces. With traditional Nd:YAG lasers, using large process fields, the focal position tolerance is normally quite high. Due to this, it is normal practice to process curved surfaces without having to rotate or move the part in order to adjust the focal position. The processing method of these parts has now been updated to fibre technology.

Laser Marking Of Stainless Steel Cups

There is a general rule that if you can keep the image within a 20-25 degree segment on the circumference, then you will not see any distortion with the human eye. There will also not be sufficient drop off in power to change the consistency of the laser marking around the curve.

In this image, the laser marking is being run in a high pulse mode. This provides the high energy levels required to achieve a surface colour change but without vaporisation. No material is removed during this process. Other tricks are to run the laser process lines perpendicular to the machining lines of the part, this further enhances the contrast between background and foreground.

Today, these parts are still being processed through our laser subcontract services group using our fibre lasers. This case study is an example of the power and precision of laser marking stainless steel.

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