Machine type usedLumonics Sigmaclean wafer marking laser system
Laser SourceNd:YAG Pumped Diode
Applicationwafer ID codes
Completion Year1990
CustomerAll UK based Semiconductor plants

Automatic laser marking of silicon wafers in batch format. The laser marking can be produced in either hard or soft mark configurations. Dot matrix fonts are traditionally used to minimise the amount of disruption to the surface. With soft mark no material is removed during the lasering process, therefore reducing contamination across the wafer area.

Laser Marking Of Silicon Wafer

The process used diode pumped lasers, which have now been replaced by fibre lasers due to the control ability pulse to pulse. Laser marking of silicon is done in such a way as to ensure there is no negative impact on the remainder of the manufacturing process. Further, the markings must be machine readable, so precision is of increased importance.

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