Machine type used M Series laser marking system
Laser source Nd:YAG Q Switched laser
Application Single stroke characters form part details
completion year 2010
Customer ATC
Material Stainless Steel, Titanium
Laser Marking Of Medical Devices.
Laser Marking Of Medical Devices

The above left image demonstrates the laser marking of medical devices for two most common materials used in the development of medical devices, stainless steel on the left and titanium on the right. Both using laser marking to process the required mark data onto the component. ATC Ltd

The laser marking process creates a black colour change to the surface of the material without removing any material. Characters are 0.6mm high & marked radially around a domed surface.

The laser marking machine is fitted with a rotary indexer that rotates the part as a function of the job file allowing for the laser marking information to be placed around the circumference of the part.

The stainless part has the laser mark completed, prior to it being passivated while the titanium unit is processed after it has been anodised.

Titanium anodizing provides products with improved properties compared to those in a raw or “unfinished” state. Test data validates numerous mechanical benefits, and observation with a 10x eyepiece reveals the levelling effects of the process. Scars from machining and/or de burring are ‘levelled’ into a continuous, smoother, grey-coloured surface. The two most common types of treatment are Type 2 anodizing and colour anodizing.

In todays market, these products would be marked using fibre technology.  The fibre lasers can be pulsed at much higher rates, while being run at higher speeds creating a perfect match for laser and application.

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