Laser Marking Stainless Steel - Street Furniture

Laser Marking Stainless Steel Street Furniture

Laser marking stainless Steel Street Furniture Application – Benchmark Designs Ltd Fibre lasers (or lasers with similar wavelengths), are traditionally used for metal marking due to their energy being absorbed more efficiently than other wavelengths. This higher efficiency leads to faster process speeds, providing better process economics, along with much higher quality levels. Laser marking…

Laser Product Branding Of Medical Components

Laser Product Branding of Medical Components

Laser product branding of medical components – Technovent The aim here is to provide product branding for the manufacturer. The laser product branding of medical components products are for his customer base. Additional information is also applied to these trays which includes CE marking, part number etc. In both cases the marking process is the…

Barcode Laser Marking On Abs

Barcode laser marking on ABS used for traceability and identification of storage device.

Barcode laser marking on ABS Application – Withheld The base material is manufactured from ABS plastic.  The required laser marking represents a standard bar code along with a human readable code for internal tracking.  In this case, we are using a fibre laser to create the high contrast level image.  ABS is one in the…

Laser Marking For Component Identification

Laser marking for component identification and traceability

Laser Marking for Component Identification on Plastic Component Application – Withheld The laser marking of plastics falls between the two main wavelengths of laser used in industry today (YAG and CO2). In this case, we have used Fibre laser marker as it is close to YAG wavelength. The product is an identification plate, used for…

Laser Marking Storm Trooper

Star Wars: Laser Marking Storm Troopers

Laser Marking Storm Trooper Helmet Application – In house In the lead up to the release of the latest Star Wars episode, we felt it was about time that those faceless storm troopers should be given some form of identity, a name to the helmet so to speak, so laser marking Storm Trooper helmets came…

Laser Cutting Corrugated Cardboard

Laser cutting corrugated cardboard

Below we explore laser cut cardboard which is done using one of our CO2 lasers. If you have cardboard laser cutting requirements, please use our enquiry form here. In this example, the laser is used to cut through the multiple layers of the corrugated cardboard to produce packing pieces. The CO2 laser provides a clean…

Laser Cut Clear Acrylic Circles

CO2 Laser Cutting Acrylic Disks

Laser Cutting Acrylic Disks Application For this project, we were laser cutting acrylic discs from 3mm thick standard sheet profile, using a CO2 laser as the cutting medium. This particular process uses a multiple pass route to cut through in order to allow the power setting to be sufficiently low enough not to create flare…

Laser Cutting Of Mdf Liver Bird

Laser cutting MDF Liver Bird with CO2 lasers

Laser Cutting MDF Liver Bird Application – Liverpool Football Fan The liver bird has been synonymous with the City of Liverpool, used to trace its ancestry back to medieval days. Although, not a truly mythical figure, the liver bird appears on many of the coat of arms affiliated to the city. One very famous coat…

Laser Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board Customised Branding

Laser Engraved Bamboo board

Laser Engraved Bamboo Application – Stake and Stone The example shows an example of laser engraved Bamboo wooden tray. In some cases, our customers will rebrand their product in order to make it more attractive to the marketplace. This is a prime example of how well this works. In this instance, the Bamboo wooden tray…

Laser Cutting Mdf

Laser cutting MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

Laser Cutting MDF Application This 12 mm thick MDF profile, has been cut using the CO2 flat bed CNC system.  The laser parameters used to create the pattern, were specifically selected to create the dark edge results as part of the process.  The beam placement is very accurate and repeatable over the full process area. …

Laser Marking Apple Iphone

Laser marking Apple iPhone

Laser Marking Apple iPhones Application – These luxury personalised gifts, customized in 24ct gold, rose gold and platinum, all use laser marking to create the information that makes it personalised. The laser marking process works really well if the product is marked before the plating is applied. The base material in this case can be…

Laser Engraved Ceramic Blocks

Laser Marking of Ceramic Block: Part identification

Laser marking of Ceramic Block During the component manufacturing process, these ceramic blocks are cut in half creating a matched pair. The matched pair must be clearly identified as a pair for the remainder of the process. Laser marking the top and bottom sections of the block with a serial number, ensures the two halves…