Laser Marking On Stainless Steel Curved Surfaces

Laser marking on Stainless Steel curved surfaces

There are two methods used for laser marking on stainless steel curved surfaces, such as the example shown. The first is to use a rotary indexer that rotates the part keeping the marking position at the focal point all the time. Commercial issue with this is that additional tooling is required and the process does…

Laser Marking Of 2D Matrix Codes On Aircraft Part

Laser marking of 2D matrix codes on aircraft part

The laser marking of 2D matrix codes on aircraft parts for traceability, is represented by selected manufacturing information. This includes drawing numbers, manufacturer’s reference and part numbers. The process area is a curved surface, and therefore care must be applied when setting up and marking. 2D matrix codes are used, as part of this traceability…

Stainless Steel Marking By Fibre Laser

Stainless Steel Marking by Fibre Laser

Stainless steel marking by fibre laser – for Hull University The product forms part of a large order to supply Hull University with facilities to desk units allowing power, lighting, and internet access as well as head phone plug in. Each of the symbols seen in the photograph is 5 x 5 mm and very…

6. Product Branding Of Dental Instruments

Product Branding of Dental Instruments

Product branding of dental instruments These stainless steel instruments are brought in from Germany for sale into the UK and for product branding of dental instruments market. The parts were processed, using a fibre laser in a low order waveform matched to a 25-65 kHz frequency. This creates the almost black mark that can be…

Circumference Marking By Laser

Circumference marking by laser

Circumference marking by laser This safety device required circumference marking by laser to get a permanent mark as this flame arrester is used in the petrochemical industry in the case of an emergency. The stainless steel device, has complex legal and technical information requirements around the circumference, is made even more difficult by the fact the…

Laser Marking By Fibre

Fibre Laser marking of Stainless Steel ID bracelet

The laser marking of stainless steel ID bracelets creates the high level contrast when the black finished coating is removed by the laser marking process, the process generates the QR code and human readable data. The coating is removed by the laser marking process revealing the stainless steel below. OneLife iD is an innovative, interactive,…

Deep Engraving Of Mould Tool Inserts

Deep engraving of mould tool inserts

Deep engraving of mould tool inserts – for plastic moulds components We are seeing an increasing number of enquiries, from companies needing custom deep engraving of mould tools inserts or directly onto the mould tool. In the example shown, the test block shows three depth samples for the customer. Under normal circumstances, deep engraving is…

Laser Marking Stainless Steel Using Thermark

Laser marking stainless steel using Thermark or Cermark.

Laser marking Stainless Steel using Thermark – OneLife iD Fibre lasers (or lasers with a similar wavelength) are traditionally used for metal marking. This is due to their energy being absorbed more efficiently. In this example we are looking at laser marking Stainless Steel using Thermark or Cermark. OneLife iD evolved from the desire of…

Engraving Of Leather

Laser marking of leather trainers for Personalisation

Most of the sports/leisure shoe manufacturers, are providing custom generation within their product range and Thinklaser are helping some of them support their customer base, by the laser marking of leather. Although the photograph clearly indicates a celebrity product branding, Adidas are also offering laser marking for company and personal branding. Personalisable (Custom) Trainers |…

Laser Marking Trainers Laser Marking Leather Trainers

Laser Marking Trainers: Limited edition

Laser Marking Trainers Application – adidas UK The market for personalisation and customisation is growing at a rate that retailers are struggling to keep up with. In the case of laser marking trainers such as Nike and Adidas, they have been offering the service for some time, allowing you to design your own shoe or…

Laser Engraving Of Leather Sports Shoe Laser Cutting Of Leather

Laser Cutting of leather sports shoe

Laser Cutting of Leather Sports Shoe application – Nike In this application, the customer wanted to combine two very different applications within a single machine. From a single material panel, they want to generate all the individual parts that make up the particular shoe design, before laser cutting out each shape.  The ones that would…

Nike Foam Sheet Laser Engraved

Deep Laser Engraving of High Density Foam Tile

This type of foam can be used for various applications including the inner section of sports shoes. The image has been created to demonstrate deep and shallow laser engraving mixed within the same process sequence. In this case, the laser marking system is fitted with a large area galvo scan field, processing a 600 x…